FAQs for RU end users

How do I determine if a vendor is eVA and/or SWaM registered?

How do you back out a receiving?

When do I need to get a quote from more than one vendor?

How do I find out if a contract exists for a certain item?

How Does Procurement and Contracts advise departments regarding vendor on-line click through agreements?

What procedures govern downloading software APPS?

    ·  Who evaluates the software to ensure it is not a game, etc.?

    ·  Are there administrative rights required?

Will ALL RU staff be required to take this training?

Who has authorization to sign contracts for Radford University? What happens if contracts are signed by staff that does not have the authorization to do so?

Sole source procurements require a form to be completed to justify the product/service is a sole source. What methodology does Procurement and Contracts use to determine the validity of a soul source?

How is a Proprietary Request different from a Sole Source Request and when should it be used?

If I have previously had a Sole Source or Proprietary Request form approved do I need to complete a new form each time I use the vendor or product?

Who made the decision to use twenty (20) points as the evaluation criteria for SWaM?

Why is the departmental delegation limit set at $5,000?

When is the Office of the Attorney General involved for vendor agreement/contract term reviews? What is the process?

How does Procurement and Contracts track contracts, agreements, etc.? Are there contracts, agreements, etc. you do not track? If yes, what s the expectation of the department(s)?

How do I develop a bidders list before logging into eVA and after logging into eVA?

How do I search for eVA registered SWaM vendors?

Why do we have to use SWaM vendors?

How do I search for existing contracts?

What is the difference between an IFB (invitation for bid) and an RFP (request for proposal)?

What chapters of the Procurement and Contracts Procedures Manual provide guidance for departmental purchasing delegation?

Can the VASCUPP website be easily navigated? Please provide instructions.

I don’t understand some of the acronyms used (ex: DPS, VITA, VASCUPP, SWaM, etc.) Can you publish a list of acronyms and definitions in your manual?

How does the eVA approval flow work? I don’t understand the required levels of approval.

Why does it take so long for an eVA PR to go through the eVA approval flow?

Why do eVA PO’s fail on budget?

Is a purchase order necessary prior to giving a vendor p-card information?

If students are being paid by Radford University for attending a conference, are they considered employees at that time?

As a reviewer, what do you look at on the PR’s?

How do you save the PO as a PDF to send to the vendor?

If you need a quote from VCE for shirts, how long are you supposed to wait for VCE to send you a quote before you move on to another vendor?