eVA Next Generation

eVA Next Generation Implementation Timeline


11/19/21- Critical Dates-Please review the  document in the link below for important information as referenced in the RU Announce notification:

eVA Critical Dates for End of Year PO's


11/11/21 Update- PO's that have activity within the last 24 months (1/01/19-12/30/21) will convert to the new platform.  Any older PO's will be transferred to the data warehouse BUT only for reportable data.  Attachments WILL NOT transfer with these older PO's.  Please download any attachments you wish to keep prior to the conversion.


10/15/21-Ad-Hoc Vendor Update!

The ability to creat "Ad Hoc" vendors has been extended until early December, 2021.

Current orders using Ad Hoc vendors will not convert over to the new eVA platform but the current process can be used temporarily.  You should use Self or State-Entered vendors where possible.  If a vendor is listed in eVA but nder a different address, contact the vendor to confirm address or encourage vendor to register in eVA.  Please contact us for any questions.



10/12/21-Plan Ahead: Review and Close Existing PO's and Blanket Orders before Conversion. 

Please read the Detailed Information Sheet in the link below. 

Review Current PO's


eVA Next Generation Launches December 31, 2021

The Department of General Services has awarded the new eVA e-procurement software contract to CGI/Invalua.  This upgrade to eVA will look and feel different as our eVA platform has not been updated since its implementation some 20 years ago.  We will all be learning this new system starting sometime in October.  Please keep an eye on this section for updates and information that we will share as we have it.  For now, there are a few things you need to be aware of in preparation for this new platform.

  • All vendors must be either Self-Registered or State-Entered vendors.  Ad-hoc vendors will no longer be accepted into eVA beginning October 15, 2021.
  • All custodial accounts must be deleted before October 15, 2021.  Custodial accounts will not migrate over to the new platform.
  • You will no longer be able to copy previous orders.
  • Please review any outstanding PO's such as blanket orders that have not had any activity.  All older open PO's that do not have activity will be deleted and will not migrate to the new platform.
  • PLAN AHEAD! Try to have all orders in as soon as possible and prior to November 23rd, 2021.  There will be cut-off and black-out dates as the new system is implemented.  We do not know those dates as of yet, but please be sure your orders are in as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we changing eVA?

The contract that was being used for the current eVA system will expire on December 31st.  The Department of General Services (DGS) launched an extensive RFP process which included input from various stakeholders across the Commonwealth.  The current eVA platform was launched in 2001 so the new system will be a modern system bringing enhanced functionality and a more consistent look and feel across the system.

Do we still have to use eVA?

Yes, Campus is still required to use the new eVA as it will be our official e-procurement platform.

When will we see the new eVA?

As of September 7th, we are still being told the cut-over will occur starting December 31st with the new platform being up and ready for use on January 3, 2022.  This cut-over date could be adjusted to an earlier date in December.  We are being asked to minimize activity beginning December 1st.

Will we be trained on how to use the new eVA?

Yes, absolutely!  The Procurement and Contracts staff is working closely with DGS to map out training plans and develop materials.  We will provide in-person trainings, self-guided e-learnings and virtual training events as soon as we have them available to us.

Will we still be able to use our single sign on (SSO) function?

Yes, the current sign-in process will remain the same.

Will I still be able to look up old orders?

Yes, all previous orders and requisitions will still be searchable, but older requisitions will be housed in a different location from the newer orders.

Orders created or modified within the last two years will migrate over to the new version of eVA and will be located in the eMall section of the Reporting and Resource Center.  Orders created or modified before a certain date (to be determind) in 2019 will only be accessable in the Reporting and Resource Center and will not be searchable in eMall.


Will I be able to copy previous orders done in the old system?

At this time we are being told that you will not be able to copy previous orders.  This may change as we get into the new system so you should have copies of old orders to create in the new system if that is a functionality you rely on.

Will Requisitions in Composing status be transferred to the new system?

No, any requisitions that have not been submitted and are in composing status will not migrate to the new system nor will you have access to them.  Please be sure you have completed or cancelled all orders in "composing" status.

Will Custodial Accounts transfer to the new system?

No, Custodial Accounts will not transfer to the new system.  Please be sure all custodial accounts are reassigned as soon as possible.

Do vendors have to be registered in eVA for us to use them?

Effective October 15th, we will no longer be able to enter Ad-Hoc vendors.  All vendors must be either self-registered (preferred) of state-entered.  Please be sure you are using the eVA registered address for a vendor and not entering a new address as an ad-hoc vendor.  You also need to encourage your vendor to become eVA registered or choose vendors that are registered in eVA.

What is Procurement and Contracts doing to prepare for this implementation?

Procurement and Contracts is in constant communication with DGS as well as colleagues at our peer institutions that use eVA in the same way as we do.  We are also taking the following steps in order to prepare for a seamless transition;

  • Reviewing approval flows to ensure the data we are transferring is current and clean.
  • Meeting individually with power users to discuss possible implications and transition plans.
  • Auditing approval flows within each department to ensure all approvers have back ups and the proper approval flow is in place.
  • Communicating with Vendors to make sure they are in touch with DGS as this upgrade will affect how they recieve purchase orders.
  • Creating communication plans with campus to ensure users are aware of upcoming changes.
  • Working with our Information Technology Department to curcumvent as many obstacles as possible.   

Additional information on this transition can be found in the eVA Transition Newsroom site located on the eVA home page.