Purchase Guidance

Please review these topics for answers on specific Procurement or Contract processes. For questions on topics not listed or for further guidance contact the Office of Procurement & Contracts at 540-831-5419.

Charter Bus Procurement

Instructions, Pricing Guides, and Quote Sheets

Charter Bus Contact Information


For questions or assistance, please contact Sheryl Sullivan.


Consulting Services

Consulting Services [PDF]  

Last Updated 6/8/23


Event Staffing Services

Contract and Pricing Schedule

Contract Information

Radford University VASCUPP Cooperative Use Agreement

For questions or assistance, please contact: 

University Contract Point of Contact - Capt. Scott Shaffer (RUPD)

For additional assistance contact:

Sheryl Sullivan


Furniture Purchases

Radford University Furniture Purchasing Procedures

For guidance on the furniture purchase procedure, please contact:

Sheryl Sullivan
Contract Officer
Radford University
PO Box 6885
501 Stockton Street
Radford, VA  24142
Direct: (540)831-6106
Email: sssullivan@radford.edu

IT Procurement

Radford University provides recommendations for technology purchases to university departments as well as to Radford University students. For assistance with technology purchases please contact the Technology Assistance Center.


For additional assistance contact:

Kevin McDowell

Lab Supplies

Radford University has designated VWR International, LLC as the primary supplier for laboratory supplies and equipment.
VWR has an E&I Cooperative Purchasing Agreement #CNR01459.

VWR Contract #CNR01459 Amendment #1 (Primary Supplier Designation)

VWR Contract #CNR01459 Amendment #2 (Price Match)

Frequently Asked Questions

*Buyer Guide currently being updated*

Punch out catalog is available through eVA

For additional information contact:

Sheryl Sullivan

Office Supplies

Radford University mandates the use of the VASCUPP Cooperative Office Supply Contract. The Supply Room Companies (TSRC) contract #UVA1507501 is the mandatory contract vendor for the University (Mandatory Use Contract link below). TSRC is authorized for desktop delivery to campus departments and are SWaM certified.

Mandatory Use Contract for Office Supplies

The Supply Room Companies Waiver Process

The Supply Room Punch Out Catalog Guide is available on Procurement’s Share Point site. 

TSRC Contract #UVA1507501

TSRC Contract #UVA1507501 Amendment 001

Radford University Cooperative Procurement Use Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions *Currently being updated*

Punch out catalogs are available through eVA

For additional assistance contact:

Sheryl Sullivan