RU Postal Procedures

  • Different classes of mail (first class, air mail, library mail, etc.) must be separated and banded together.  Larger mailings may be trayed or boxed rather than banded.
  • Separate handwritten from typed letters, sealed from unsealed letters.  All banded, trayed, or boxed mail must be upright and facing the same direction.
  • Separate mail to Canada and Mexico from U.S. and overseas mail.
  • Mark individual flats and parcels with the type of service requested: (first class, air mail, library mail, parcel post, etc.)  If not specified, we will send your item first class.
  • The post office mailing machine cannot seal thick or bulky letters.  These letters must be sealed by the department.  The mailing machine will seal business envelopes if flaps are upright and facing the same directions.
  • Outgoing REGISTERED MAIL MUST BE HAND DELIVERED to the Post Office for proper handling.
  • Protect mail from the elements.  Rain and snow causes the gummed parts of the envelope to stick together, and mail will not run through the mailing machine.
  • Because of the inevitable damage to the mail piece caused by our processing equipment, and the USPS processing equipment, tri-folded addressed single sheets of paper should be avoided, and the mail piece placed in an envelope.  If used, postal regulations require a minimum of 28 pound paper, and the mail piece must be double tabbed.
  • All mailings must be accompanied by a completed PO-10 form.


The University Post Office is responsible for processing all outgoing University mail and distributing interdepartmental mail.  Departments are responsible for properly preparing their outgoing mail.  Mail that is not properly prepared, arrives damaged or wet, or does not meet USPS requirements may be returned to the department with an explanation of the required corrective action.  Interdepartmental mail must be related to official University business.  "Chain letters" are strictly prohibited and will be turned over to University Police.

Please check with the Post Office staff, ext. 5148, before printing odd sized materials for mailings.  USPS regulation requires specific sizes and permit locations in order for the piece to be mailed.  Also, please contact the staff if you have any questions regarding postal regulations.  Thank you for your cooperation.