Specialized Patrol

Campus bike patrol was implemented to increase the visibility and accessibility of officers in the campus community. Officers use mountain bikes to patrol all areas of campus that cannot be accessed by car. Bicycles increase the effectiveness of patrols and improve response times to requests for assistance on campus. Bicycle patrol is effective on campus due to the amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Bicycle officers are able to move quickly through central campus regardless of exterior traffic patterns. There are also areas on campus where vehicle traffic is limited but can be patrolled easily on bicycle. All bicycle patrol officers at the Radford University Police Department are certified through a 40 hour International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) approved course.

In addition to mountain bikes, RUPD also utilizes a Polaris Ranger for specialized patrol.  The Polaris is a four-wheel drive ATV which allows officers easier access to campus properties year round, regardless of weather conditions.  This latest addition to the department has become a large part of the department's community policing efforts.