Safety Tips

Personal safety at Radford University is everyone's concern and responsibility. The Radford University Police Department urges all members of the community to participate in making the campus as safe as possible. If you develop good security habits, you can assist us in protecting you and safeguarding your property.

The following are some safety measures that could help prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.


  • Don't walk alone.
  • Use public, well-lighted walkways. Avoid any dark, isolated areas.
  • Look alert and hold your keys in your hand when you are walking to your vehicle.
  • When walking to your vehicle, give your vehicle the quick "once over" before entering with a critical eye for possible break-ins or persons in the rear seat or floor area.

If You Are Being Followed:

  • Cross the street.
  • Change direction.
  • Keep looking back, so the person realizes you are aware of his/her presence.
  • Go to a well-lighted area.
  • Notice as many physical details as possible, so you can describe the person to the police.
  • Report the incident to the police.

If you are alone in your room, an office or classroom:

  • Keep the door locked.
  • Always ask who is knocking before opening the door.
  • Never prop open locked exterior building doors.
  • When leaving your room (even if only for a few minutes), LOCK IT!

When You are Driving:

  • Drive with doors locked and windows rolled up.
  • When you park, lock all doors and take your key with you.
  • Store valuables out of sight in a locked trunk or glove compartment.
  • Park in well-lighted areas.
  • If possible, don't drive alone.
  • Don't pick up hitchhikers.
  • If you see blue lights on the car behind you, do not pull over until you are in a well-lighted populated area. The police officer will understand your concerns.
  • If your car breaks down and someone stops to assist you, do not get out of your vehicle, roll down the window enough to tell them to call the police.

Property Protection Tips

Members of the University Community are vulnerable to the same problems encountered by residents of any metropolitan area. The Radford University Police Department's mission is to protect this community. However, the opportunity for crime exists. The community can assist the Department in its efforts to reduce crime by taking the following precautions.

  • Keep cash, checks, credit cards, purses, brief cases, etc. with you at all times. Never leave them unattended or unsecured.
  • Keep your car locked at all times to help prevent theft. Store valuable items in the trunk.
  • Store computers, lab equipment and audio visual equipment in a locked classroom or office.
  • Make a record of the serial number of both personal and university property in your room or office.
  • Inscribe stereo, computers, etc. with an identifying number. Do not use your social security number! The University Police have an engraver available for loan.
  • Doors and windows at RU have locks - USE THEM !!!
  • Report defective locks immediately.
  • Athletic facilities are not immune from thieves. Try not to bring valuables (expensive watches, jewelry, wallets with cash and credit cards) with you when using the facility. Use the lockers and secure with heavy duty locks.

Textbook Protection

Textbooks are an expensive and necessary part of your college education. Year after year the cost increases. It is necessary for you to take steps to protect your investment.

Placing your name, in ink, on the inside cover and other obscure areas only known to you can help you identify your book in case of theft.

Do not leave your textbooks, calculators, or bookbags in unattended study rooms, hallways, libraries, dining halls or unsecured lockers. Record serial numbers of calculators.

Thieves know where students leave their belongings unattended and watch for an opportunity to take your property. Be suspicious of person(s) hanging around storage areas, i.e. outside of bookstores, with no apparent purpose.

If you see someone suspicious or if you have been a victim, contact the Radford University Police Department at 831-5500.