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Administration and Investigations

The Administration and Investigations component is responsible for assisting the Chief of Police with daily management of the police department. Areas of responsibility include Budget Planning and Analysis, Policy Development, Equipment Purchasing, Records Management, Grants and Public Relations.  Investigations is responsible for the follow-up investigations on all felony criminal cases and serious misdemeanors. The investigators assigned to this section are specially trained in the area of criminal investigations, such as rape, sexual assaults, drugs, fraud, interviews and interrogation.

C-106360 Radford University Police Virginia Ann Badge AA (002)


The Operations component provides 24 hour patrol protection to the campus, parking lots, residence halls and other properties owned or controlled by the university or its foundation. RU Police Officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities, identical to the local police or sheriff's department in your home community. The officers are trained at the New River Criminal Justice Training Academy and receive additional in-service and specialized training in first aid, firearms, defensive tactics, legal updates, human relations, sensitivity issues, and criminal investigations.

University Police share concurrent jurisdiction with the Radford City Police Department for streets adjacent to the university property. University Police offer assistance in all areas of the city when requested by the city police. University police officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services, including all crime reports, investigations, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, traffic accidents, enforcement of laws regulating underage drinking, the use of controlled substances, weapons and all other incidents requiring police assistance.

As a courtesy and to promote cooperation in combating crime, University Police share information on arrests and serious crimes with all surrounding police departments including Radford City Police. The serial numbers of all property stolen from campus are reported nationwide through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus can be reported directly to the University Police by any student, faculty, staff member or visitor.