An Intersession is a teaching appointment that occurs during the summer or winter sessions.

Intersession2023 Term Dates2023 AllocationPay Date
Maymester 5/15-6/3100%7/3/2023
Summer I  5/15-6/17100%7/3/2023
Summer I   
Summer Fast Track A5/1-6/16100%7/3/2023
Summer II   6/26-7/2950%7/28/2023
Summer II 50%8/11/2023
Summer Fast Track B 6/19-8/433%7/14/2023
Summer Fast Track B 33%7/28/2023
Summer Fast Track B 33%8/11/2023
Summer III   5/15-7/2925%7/3/2023
Summer III 25%7/14/2023
Summer III  25%7/28/2023
Summer III 25%8/11/2023

Last Updated:5/8/2023