Scheduled Alerts

The NextBus system allows you to schedule personalized alerts. The alerts can notify passengers of route changes due to delay, weather or holiday schedules. The alerts can be one-time use, time specific or route specific.

To set up an alert:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the "Find Your Next Bus" tab
  3. Select "Radford Transit"
  4. Click on the link in the left navigation for "Automatic Alerts"
  5. Click "Create a New Login" and follow on-screen instructions
  6. Select the alert you would like to create

Immediate Alerts (One-Time Alerts)

These alerts are often used by riders using the transit system outside their normal schedules. An alert can be established that notifies the rider when the next bus is nearby (at a user-defined number of minutes away).

Scheduled Alerts

Riders commonly set up scheduled alerts when they catch the same bus at the same time on a regular basis. Alerts can be set up every weekday or everyday. Scheduled alerts will automatically text you when your bus is nearby (at a user-defined number of minutes away) at a specific time.

Watch Routes Alerts

These alerts allow passengers to subscribe to specific routes. Once subscribed, passengers will receive alerts about delays on the route. Additionally, riders will receive alerts about any service changes.