Visitor Permits

Official visitors and guests of the university must obtain a valid visitor's parking permit prior to parking in any university lot. All employees, departments and students are responsible for their guests and any parking fines they may acquire.

Visitor permits may now be purchased online from our Parking Portal at a cost of $5.00 per day.  True visitors (those without access to the OneCampus Portal) will be able to set up an account (link at the top of the page on the Parking Portal) and may revisit that account each time they need to purchase a Day Permit to park on campus. 

Regular parking enforcement hours are Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  RUPD may issue citations 24/7 for violations such as blocking a fire hydrant, blocking an entrance or egress, blocking a drive, parking in a handicapped space without a DMV issued permit, parking in a University Apartment Lot, parking on the grass or sidewalk, etc.

Employees and students are never considered visitors to the university at any time.

University Department Visitors

University departments should request visitor permits at least three days prior to the event by completing the departmental request for visitor permit form.

Visitor Requirements and Registration Process for Main Campus

There will be restricted access for visitors. Day visitors will be required to register, and overnight visitors will not be permitted.

The pre-registration process does not apply to move-in and move-out activities, athletic events, Commencement activities, or other University-promoted events on the main campus, as individual processes will be established and shared to ensure attendees are aware of the University’s expectations and the Commonwealth’s requirements.