RU Partners with Radford Transit to Offer Real-Time Bus Tracking

Radford University and Radford Transit are partnering to provide real-time bus arrival predictions and bus tracking to RT riders, which will allow users to plan their commutes more effectively and avoid waiting at bus stops. The system launched in September after being installed and tested through the summer.

"The system has functionalities that should eliminate the need to get to the bus stop 20 minutes early and then wait," said Jaime Hunt, director of Web communication and a member of the task force that implemented the system. "The campus community is already using Radford Transit at a phenomenal rate. It is presently the 17th largest public transit system in the Commonwealth, with an average monthly ridership of 17,000. We heard from riders that they wanted the system to be even more convenient. This new tool should transform the rider’s experience."

Hunt said among the goals of the system are reducing wait times to make the system as convenient as possible and ensuring that RT becomes a dependable, attractive alternative to driving.

The new system uses NextBus, an arrival predictor and tracker used by transit agencies across the country. Using a sophisticated algorithm, historical data and GPS tracking, the system predicts with surprising accuracy how long a bus will take to get from one stop to another.

The bus arrival predictions are available to users through a variety of channels, including a website, SMS text messaging, telephone, the mobile Web and through the RUmobile smartphone application. Users can also register to receive arrival notification alerts by text message or email.

Instructions for the system using the Web, mobile device, landline or RUmobile app are available at

Sep 11, 2012
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