Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations.

Please keep in mind that parking regulations are strictly enforced in all lots, Monday - Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., including breaks and in the summer.  Disabled (handicapped), reserved spaces, curb and yellow line parking are enforced 24/7.


The purpose of these regulations is to establish guidelines that promote the orderly conduct of university business; effectively utilize parking space within the limits available and to reduce congestion on the Radford University campus.


In accordance with Section 23-9.2:3 of Code of Virginia, Radford University adopted these regulations for the operation of motor vehicles by all students, employees, guests, and visitors to the campus. The president of Radford University and the Board of Visitors have given the University Police Department and Parking Services the responsibility and authority to enforce parking rules and regulations. The same have given responsibility of collection of fines and fees associated with parking violations to Parking Services pursuant to Section 2.2-4800 of the Code of Virginia. These Regulations are in effect from February 2012 until amended.


Registered permits must be returned to the Parking Services Office to obtain a refund. The annual registration fee is refundable in accordance with the following schedule.

  • Before October 1 Full refund.
  • Between October 2 and February 28 50% of fee paid.
  • After March 1 No Refund.
  • No refund on Faculty/Staff permits purchased with payroll deduction.
  • The special summer registration fee is not refundable.


Individuals receiving parking tickets may appeal their fine to the Appeals Board. The following steps should be taken:

  1. All appeals must be initiated within (10) calendar days of the citation issuance. The day of issue is day 1.
  2. Appellants will be notified by email or letter from Parking Services of the decision on their appeal. Those appeals that are denied must be paid at the Parking Services Office in Heth Hall within ten (10) calendar days of the date of the letter. After (10) calendar days a late fee charge will be applied as described in Section 4.8.
  3. Persons who wish to have their appeal decision reviewed by the Parking and Traffic Regulations Committee may do so within (10) calendar days after the date of the original ruling on their appeal. No review will be granted after (10) calendar days of this date. Those individuals desiring a review must pay a $10.00, non-refundable, administrative fee to Parking Services before the 2nd Stage Appeal is processed for review.
  4. Parking Services and/or the Parking and Traffic Regulations Committee reserves the right to call individuals to appear in person when reviewing an appeal. Individuals may not appear in person before Parking Services and/or the Parking and Traffic Regulations Committee unless they are called by one of those bodies to do so.