Fines and Fees

Parking Services and the University Police Department have the sole authority to issue parking tickets and tow vehicles that are in violations of vehicle regulations on university property.

Parking regulations are strictly enforced in all lots, Monday - Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., including breaks and in the summer.  Disabled (handicapped), University Apartment lots, reserved spaces, curb and yellow line parking are enforced 24/7.

Violations which may be ticketed and towed are:

  • Non-Registered Vehicle - $30 (parked anywhere on campus without a permit)
  • Restricted Lot - $30  (parked in a lot not designated by your permit)
  • Parking in a Reserved Space - $30  (parking in any space that is reserved by signage or by a parking cone)
  • Failure to Properly Display Permit - $30  (permit not displayed on rearview mirror--or as posted in regulations for soft top vehicles or motorcycles)
  • Overtime Parking Meter - $30  (expired meter)
  • Improper Parking - $30  (any parking not done in marked space--flashers, car left running, etc., does not preclude this regulation)
  • Parking on Sidewalk or Grass - $30  (not allowed for any reason)
  • Disabled Zone or Ramp - $100  (DMV placard/plate must be displayed and DMV issued card may be requested by Parking Services)
  • Unauthorized Use of Permit - $100  (Permits are non-transferrable.  Unauthorized use may result in revocation of parking privileges on campus.)
  • Blocking a Ramp - $30 
  • Blocking Fire Hydrant - $30
  • Parking in a Visitors Only Space - $30  (Students and Employees are NEVER considered "visitors")
  • Blocking Another Vehicle - $30  (Double parking behind another vehicle or in a through-way)
  • Blocking a Loading Dock - $30  (No parking allowed by any vehicle except as designated or expected by department or business operation for delivery)
  • Immobilization Fee - $25

Any account with $125 or more in unpaid parking violations may have their vehicle impounded or immobilized until all fines and fees are paid in full. Parking privileges may be revoked for frequent violators of parking regulations.

Note: If payment is made using coins, Parking Services reserves the right charge a fee for the counting of this money. Coins will be counted as time permits and staff is available. The fee for counting coins will be $3 for each $5 of coin counted with a maximum charge of $15.

Note: Obtaining a parking permit contrary to regulations and/or registration procedures is a violation of traffic regulations. The violator may be denied parking privileges and student violators may, in addition, be referred for university judicial action regarding possible violation of the Honor Code.