Parking Info

Parking and Transportation is your hub for information about getting to and around campus.

Please keep in mind that parking regulations are strictly enforced in all lots, Monday - Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Disabled (handicapped), reserved spaces, curb and yellow line parking, and University Apartment lots are enforced 24/7.

Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for parking in lots designated by red dots on parking lot signs/red hang tags. Resident students are eligible to apply for parking in lots designated for resident students (blue dots on parking lot signs/blue hang tags) and commuter students in lots designated for commuter students (yellow dots on parking lot signs/yellow hang tags).  University Apartment residents may park in University Apartment lots and in commuter lots.

Bicycles should be registered with the university or the Radford University Police Department primarily for the identification and prevention of theft. No fee is required for bicycle registration.

Visitor and metered parking is available in various lots.  Visitors must obtain a permit by visiting our Parking Portal.  They may create an account (top right of the portal page "SIGNUP") and once the account has been established it may be used by the customer to obtain a permit or for other parking business (appeals or payments of citations, register a new vehicle to the account, etc.)