Undergraduate Research Designation

The Radford University Research Scholar transcript designation is in recognition of the accomplishment of undergraduate students who have contributed to the knowledge base within a field of study through active research outside the classroom. The Undergraduate Research Scholar designation will be specific and unique to the field in which the student conducted research. For instance, if a student meets the requirements in undergraduate research, scholarship or creative inquiry (URSCI) in Dance, the designation would read, “Dance Research Scholar.” The designation is determined by the nature of the project and the department of the faculty mentor.

Please note that to ensure publication of this accomplishment in the Winter Commencement program, applications must be initiated by November 8th at the latest.



To qualify for the Undergraduate Research Scholar designation, the student must demonstrate the following requirements through an application to the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship:

  • Completion of a minimum of two semesters of research, scholarship, or creative activity supervised by a faculty mentor. Summertime investment is acceptable with the expectation that a total of 30 weeks of faculty mentored URSCI is completed.
  • Dissemination of the results of their project or creative project by at least one of the following methods:    
    •  Presentation at a state, regional, national, or international conference and/or juried artistic venue such as an art exhibition, concert, or festival; or
    • Publication (or accepted for publication) their research or creative project in a peer-reviewed research or professional journal; or
    • Presentation at the Radford University Student Engagement Forum. Dissemination at other Radford University events may be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship.
  • Endorsement through an electronic form that the experience is appropriate and contributed to the discipline by the faculty mentor(s) and the Department Chair of the faculty mentor. Employees other than full time faculty may mentor a student with permission of the faculty mentor’s Department Chair and the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship.
  • Written reflection by the student that addresses how their work contributed to the field of study (in approximately 250 to 500 words) and how the experience has impacted their intellectual and professional growth (in approximately 100 to 300 words).

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