2014 Awardees

Congratulations to the following SURF 2014 Award recipients:

Raymond Boisvert mentored by Dr. Abhay Kaushik is studying the risk adjusted returns of actively managed large cap mutual funds of similar composition in respect to their expense ratios.

Emily Cutshall mentored by Dr. Georgia Hammond is measuring the sensitivity of bacteria from the Brinton Arsenic Mine in Floyd, the only east coast arsenic mine, to varying forms of arsenic. The results will be correlated expression of arsenic resistance genes in the bacteria.

Christabelle D’Silva mentored by Dr. Wendy Eckenrod-Green is exploring the impact of early field experiences on teacher self-efficacy, empathy, and multicultural competence.

Keela Dooley mentored by Professor Alison Pack is hand raising a sterling silver tea pot toward obtaining status as a master metalsmith.Anthony Friedman mentored by Dr. Brooke Blanks is investigating middle and high school pre-service teacher’s perceptions and beliefs about collaboration in inclusive classrooms.

Emily Guise mentored by Dr. Sara O’Brien is testing the generational effect of exposure to trenbolone, a steroid given to beef cattle, on the reproductive physiology of mosquito fish.

Matti Hamed mentored by Dr. Matt Close is establishing a long-term population study of reptiles and amphibians at Selu Conservancy to determine current species diversity and abundance.

Nima Hami mentored by Dr. Chris Monceaux is synthesizing phenazine derivatives to be tested for their anti-viral activity against cells infected with the La Crosse virus, a mosquito spread disease.

Sarah House mentored by Mr. John McGee is working toward creating an online linear algebra course using Mathematica.

Angel Lambert mentored by Dr. Tim Fuhrer is working on finding a unifying theory for the stability of cage patterns of fullerenes through computational modeling of various 84 carbon closed caged fullerene geometries.

Caitlin Linville and Monica Kaur mentored by Dr. Jason Davis are testing insect reactions to amino acid mixtures derived from the saliva of giant Japanese hornet larva. The mixture in wasps enables extraordinary endurance that allows for longer foraging intervals.

Deb Lustig mentored by Dr. Carlee Bradbury will be in Germany researching the changing identity of Charlemagne in visual representation toward analyzing his character as a product of society at each time.

Joshua Oliver mentored by Dr. Stockton Maxwell is performing tree-ring analysis on local old growth trees to be used in managing the New River water system and assessing drought and flood severity.


Analise Roccaforte mentored by Dr. Dayna Hayes is investigating the combined effect of alcohol and nicotine on spatial learning and memory function in rats.

Katharyn Self mentored by Dr. Sara O’Brien is examining the potential synergistic effect of two common food packaging plasticizers, Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Bisphenol-A (BPA), on the development of zebrafish.

Patrick Trout mentored by Dr. Beth McClellan is mapping the contacts between rhyolites and basalts in Bearpen and in the Mount Rogers Formation. This work aims to ultimately help contextualize the active versus passive rift models associated with plate tectonics.

April Tingle mentored by Dr. Justin Anderson is quantifying the amount of oxidative damage done to viral cells exposed to a variety of phenazines. The goal is to understand the mechanism of anti-viral activity exhibited by phenazines in order to prevent the outbreak of diseases such as La Crosse virus.