Elevate Research Program

The Elevate Research Program, made possible by a grant from the Jessie DuPont Religious, Charitiable, and Educational Fund, seeks to support faculty in the development and implemention of course-based research experiences (CUREs) and transform life trajectories of black, indigenous, and students of color by elevating them as research mentors in support of faculty and students. Faculty selected for the program will participate in professional development training and be paired with a Student Research Mentor (SRM). SRMs will have previous experience in undergraduate research, scholarship or creative inquiry (URSCI) in the disiplinary area of the course and receive mentorship training to aid in the implementation of CUREs.

The misson of the Elevate Research program is to increase the retention and graduation rates of Black, Indigenous, and students of color through course-based early exposure to research and creative inquiry.  Radford University students who have undergraduate research and creative inquiry experience have higher retention rates, higher and faster graduation rates, and engage in more leadership opportunities. Additionally, undergraduate research is nationally identified as a transformative, high impact practice that helps facilitate deep learning, an increased sense of belonging, and a higher GPA.

Elevate Research Faculty Fellows


Ten Elevate Research Faculty Fellows will be chosen each year to design or redesign their curriculum for a first or second year course to include undergradaute research experiences and increase inclusive pedagogies. Those chosen for the program will participate in professional development, submit a course (re)design, and commit to teaching the CURE imbeded course in the fall. 

Each faculty member chosen for the program will receive a $2000 stipend. Half of the stipend will be paid at the conclusion of the professional development phase and the second half will be paid after the course (re)design phase is completed. Course supplies will also be funded, up to $250. 

Applications for the second cohort (2022-2023) are currently closed. Faculty fellows who have completed the program include:

Dr. Aysha Bodenhamer, Asst. Professor of Sociology

Dr. Brock Cutler, Assoc. Professor of History

Dr. Chett Bhatta, Asst. Professor of Biology at RUC

Dr. Elliot Carhart, Assoc. Professor of CHP Emergency Services at RUC

Dr. Jaehwan Jeong, Asst. Professor of Management

Dr. Jane Machin, Assoc. Professor of Marketing

Dr. Mark Frazier, Asst. Professor of Biology at RUC

Dr. Michele Ren, Assoc. Professor of English

Dr. Roann Barris, Professor of Art

Dr. Tara Pelletier, Asst. Professor of Biology


Elevate Student Research Mentors


The Student Research Mentor (SRM) role creates opportunities for students to gain experience in Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Inquiries (URSCI) and leadership development. A SRM will have research experience in the disipline for which they are chosen to mentor and work with a faculty member to support CUREs by acting as a mentor to undergraduate students in the course. SRMs will attend mentoring workshops prior to the start of the semseter and participate in bi-weekly cohort meetings during the semester. 

Student Research Mentors will earn $12 per hour and be required to work six hours per week. 

Student Research Mentors will be chosen by the Faculty Fellows participating in the program in coordination with the Elevate Research Program leadership team. If you are interested in being considered for a SRM postion, you can make your interest known by emailing the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at ours@radford.edu.