Summer Research Celebration

October 12-16, 2020 Summer Research Celebration Program is here!

Each Fall the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows share their stories and accomplishments from a summer of research at the Summer Research Celebration. During Fall 2020 the Summer Research Celebration will be held virtually with presentations hosted on Portfolium and live panel sessions via Zoom during the week of October 12 through 16.  Click here to view the event program!

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Monday, October 12

Session I: 6:00-6:50pm

    Samantha Doncaster, "The Impact of Participating in Undergraduate Research at Radford University"

    Jose M. Bermudez Lenis, "Colleges Web Portal Structure in Regards to Mental Health Services"

    Jeannie Tene, "The Benefits of Retreival Practices on High and Low Structure Builders"

Tuesday, October 13

Session II: 11:00am-12:15pm

    Connor Fox, "Inducing Mutagenesis in Phage HanSolo with Hydorxylamine"

    Maci Keaton, "The Correlation Between Lead Exposure and Neurodegenerative Disease Prevalence Across Counties in     North Carolina"

    Liv Morka, "The Efficacy of the N-methyl-D-aspartate Glutamate Antagonists in the Treatment of L-DOPA Related     Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Patients"

Session III: 2:00-3:15pm

    Caitlynn Fischer, "The Distribution of Stars in Interacting Dwarf Galaxies"

    Ling Jie Gu, "An Artistic Reconstruction of a Model Archeoptreyx Lithogrphica"

    Tyler Rhea, "A Comparison of Glacial Rocks of the Kannarock Formation to Snowball Earth Deposits Around the World"

Wednesday, October 14

Session IV: 1:00-1:50pm

    Natalia Isabella Brothers, "The Role of Medical Examiners in Public Health and Scientific Education Regarding the Opioid     Epidemic in Southwest Virginia"

    Victoria Cristwell, "African American Health Across the Late 17th though 20th Centuries as Told Through Skeletal     Biomarkers of Stress"

    Taylor Sharpe, "The Effect of Demographic, Biomechanical, and Health Comorbidities Upon Bone Repair Rates"

Session V: 2:00-2:50

    Hope Davis, "The Behavioral Effects of Early Maternal Separation in Rats"

    Noah Staples, "Does Public Belief Regarding the Punitiveness of Prisons Have Any Bearing on Public Support for     Criminal Justice Policies"

Thursday, October 15

Session VI: 12:30-1:45pm

    Brandon Crawford, "Genetic Variance in the Eastern Rat Snake Across Virginia"

    Angela Holmes, "A Comparison of the Emerging Adult Insect Diversity and Biomass Between Control Stream Sites and     Sites Impacted by a Natural Gas Pipeline Installation"

    Drew Myers, "The Effects of Cognitive Testing on Neuroendocrine and Behavioral Changes in Captive Zebra Finches"

    James Utt, "The Effect of Artificial Light at Night on Breeding and Nesting Behaviors in Eastern Bluebirds and Tree     Swallows"

Session VII: 2:00-3:15pm

    Megan Kong, "The Experiences of Canonese Identifying University Music Therapy Students"

    Sarah Miller and Maggie Doherty, "The Overlap in Scope of Practice for Music Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology"

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