7th Summer Research Celebration – October 9th in Kyle Hall Room 340 come hear the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows and other funded summer researchers share their stories and accomplishments from a summer of research. A great event to introduce students to the range and opportunities to participate in research at Radford University from peers.

3rd Celebration of Student and Faculty Collaborative Research and Creative Activities – November 1st will feature a reception in honor of the highest level of dissemination of undergraduate research and their mentors who have provided these high impact, student experiences. We hope you can join us in celebrating these student-faculty co-authors, exhibitors, and performers from across Radford University.

1st Winter Creative Activities and Research Days (Winter CARD) – The week of December 2nd a series of student presentation events will occur across campus, including the Artis College of Science and Technology, Health and Human Performance Presentation Day, The Psychology and Gender Research Symposium, and culminating in an event December 4th open to all of campus. Anticipated deadlines for inclusions are November 8th for titles and authors and November 14th for submission of posters for printing.

29th Student Engagement Forum – April 21st – 23rd the Radford University Student Engagement Forum showcases the highest levels of academic achievement and creation of new knowledge at Radford University, our campus community’s undergraduate and graduate students’ creative works, scholarship and research. It provides an opportunity for typically 400 students to experience attending and presenting at a conference without the typical travel and registration costs. Abstracts are due midnight Thursday March 6th, general abstracts are acceptable as many projects are still collecting data after this date.