• Participants are highly encouraged and have the opportunity to be housed together in order to create a common learning experience and group together ambitious and accomplished students.  Research shows students housed together around a theme such as research have higher cumulative grade point averages (GPAs) and increased interaction with faculty.
  • A section of OURS 100 will be taught by Dr. Joe Wirgau, Director of OURS.  This section will prepare students to transition into research.  The course will be held WF from 3:00 to 3:50 pm with included research seminars.  The time was chosen to minimize conflicts but we understand does not eliminate all conflicts such as some athletic practice times. 
  • Over three dozen faculty will speak to the cohort through a Friday seminar series.  These faculty have all agreed to mentor an ARO student in the spring semester and even beyond assuming mutual interest.  The faculty all have a track record of mentoring students and represent a broad range of interests.  
  • In the spring students will be paired up with faculty mentors and earn credit for their original research.  Typically this is one credit hour of independent study but varies by discipline and project.
  • Every two weeks in the spring the cohort will meet to have snacks and take turns explaining to the group in a friendly low stakes atmosphere what their project is, what they have done so far and where it is going in a series of “chalk talks”.
  • The year will end with a symposium for the students to present their work to each other and the campus community.