Mobile ID

Mobile ID turns your smartphone into your ID. Use your phone for more!

As a convenient alternative to using your ID card, Mobile ID allows you to use your phone for:

  • Accessing your meal plan at Dalton Dining Hall, Starbucks and more
  • Opening exterior residence hall doors

Best of all, it's free!

Note: Your ID card must be active in order to use Mobile ID.

Available on the App Store
Android App on Google Play
Example of Mobile ID app within an iPhone
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Setting Up Your Mobile ID

Screenshot of Step 4, find "Radford University" within the list of organizations
Step 4 - Find "Radford University" within the list of organizations.
  1. Make sure your device is connected to Radford University's wireless network.
  2. Download the app for free from App Store or Google Play. The app is CBORD Mobile ID - for CS Gold.
  3. After you open the app, you will be prompted to choose a server or enter the server URL. Click on "Choose Server."
  4. Find "Radford University" within the list of organizations.
  5. Once you have chosen "Radford University," click on "Authenticate my Device."
  6. Log into CBORD Mobile ID using your RU credentials.
  7. Once you have successfully logged into Mobile ID, click "Authorize."
  8. Click OK to allow Location Services to be used for this application.

You are now ready to use your new Mobile ID!

Using Your Mobile ID

Now that you’ve successfully set up Mobile ID, you will be able to use your phone or other mobile device as a convenient way to open specifically-marked exterior doors to your residence hall or use your meal plan at Dalton Dining Hall, Starbucks and other dining locations.

  1. Open the Mobile ID application on your phone. Remember, you MUST be connected to Radford_Wireless or eduroam. There will be no need to login to Mobile ID, since the information is stored during the setup process.
  2. Click the “Choose” button to select the door or dining location you wish to access.
  3. A list of doors and dining locations you have used during the last 2 weeks will display. The locations will display with the most-accessed at the top. Select the door/dining location you want to open/use.
  4. This will take you back to the first screen. Swipe the screen to open the door (or generate payment).


Mobile ID FAQ

I keep getting a “Denied not within distance” error.

Ensure location services are enabled for Mobile ID

With Mobile ID open walk away from the door to an open sky area then walk back. This should update your location in the app and allow you to open your door.

The app is hanging up on me or will not process my transaction.

Close the app completely and reopen it.

There is no sticker on the door I want to use.

If there is no sticker, then this door is not enabled for Mobile ID.

I cannot authenticate my device.

Make sure you are using your RU username and password.

You may only authenticate a device once every 30 days. If you need to authenticate a new device you must contact us in the ONE Card Office located in Heth Hall.  Authentication of devices more than once in a 30-day period may incur a $15 fee (lost card fee).

Remember Mobile ID is a SUPPLEMENT to your ONE Card, it is NOT a replacement. You must ALWAYS have your ONE Card with you.