Faculty/Staff Meal plans

Faculty and staff may purchase a meal plan at any time using cash, check or by credit card in the office or online. Payroll deducation is only available during the two weeks prior to the fall and spring semesters, by emailing onecard@radford.edu and including your information (Name, ID #, and number of sets of 25 meals you wish to purchase.)   


Number of meals Total cost
1 set of 25 meals $193
2 sets of 25 meals $386
3 sets of 25 meals $579

How it Works:

Meals taken in Dalton Dining Hall  will deduct ONE meal from the FS25 balance. 

The FS25 meal plan may also be used in retail locations (Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, etc) with a transfer credit of $7.95.  If the menu price of your purchase exceeds the transfer credit, you may ask the clerk to let you pay the balance another way, or go ahead and allow them to take extra meals up to the menu price of your purchase.  

Questions or concerns regarding your purchase(s) should be directed to the manager at your dining location.  Refunds and corrections can only be done at the dining location.