Terms and Conditions

I. Contract Duration

The duration of a ONE Card account shall be from the opening date of the account until one of the following occurs:

  1. The ONE Card account funds are completely exhausted;
  2. Graduation or withdrawal from Radford University;
  3. One year passes in which no transaction takes place within the account. See Section VIII.

II. Eligibility

A ONE Card account and a Food Dollars Plus account (formerly Campus Cash) may be opened by any student enrolled at Radford University. Food Dollars Plus may only be used on Radford University's main Campus.  Faculty and staff associated with Radford University are also eligible to open a ONE Card account.

III. Deposits

There is no minimum deposit amount required. The account is already established on the ID card with a balance of $0.00 and any dollar amount may be deposited at any time.

IV. General operation

Upon the customer's initial deposit, the university will establish an electronic account balance in the customer's name and validate the customer's ONE Card and/or Food Dollars Plus account for use in the electronic readers. The customer may then use these funds for purchases wherever the ONE Card or Food Dollars Plus accounts are honored during normal business hours. Purchases will not be allowed with a malfunctioning card.

V. Lost or damaged card replacement

Lost or damaged cards will be replaced by the ONE Card Office upon the customer's request. Such replacements will be made in accordance with current policies regarding card replacement and, in most cases, the customer will be charged a replacement fee of $20. This fee must be paid at the time the card is replaced; customers will not be billed.

VI. Liability for illegitimate use of an account

The customer is responsible for safeguarding his or her card. Should the card become lost or misplaced, either accidentally or by theft, the university assumes no responsibility for illegitimate withdrawals from the customer's account prior to the customer notifying the ONE Card Office during its normal business hours. Once the office has been notified the account will be deactivated until the rightful owner has the card reactivated. If a card is lost or stolen while the ONE Card Office is closed, notify the University Police Department at (540) 831-5500 of the loss. They can also deactivate the card immediately to prevent misuse. Only the ONE Card Office can reactivate a card once reported as lost or stolen.

VII. Refunds

The university will refund the remaining balance of a ONE Card and/or Campus Card account if there is a remaining balance of $10 or more upon one of the following conditions:

  1. Graduation or withdrawal from Radford University.
  2. Refund request during the last 15 days of the spring semester. All refunds will be processed and paid according to state policy.

VIII. Inactive accounts

Should one calendar year pass in which no transaction takes place in these accounts and if there is a remaining balance of $10 or more, the university will write the customer and inquire if the account should remain open. If the customer replies to this inquiry within 30 days, the university will leave the account open or close the account and refund the remaining balance. If the customer fails to reply within 30 days, then the balance becomes the property of the university. If the balance is less than $10 and one calendar year has passed without any transaction, then the balance becomes the property of the university without prior notice to the customer.