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Radford University Athletics Department

Who Are We?

Our mission is to guide, inspire, and support our student-athletes while providing an excellent environment for all Radford students attending our Division 1 athletics events.

Where Are The Games Played?

All home Radford Athletics events are played at their respected venues located across the bridge towards Lot CC and Z around University Drive. All facilities are as follows:

  • Dedmon Center: Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Volleyball
  • Cupp Stadium: Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse
  • Carter Memorial Stadium: Baseball
  • Radford Softball Stadium: Softball
  • Tennis Complex: Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis

How Much Is It To Attend Games?

All currently enrolled Radford University students are eligible to receive free admission to all ticketed and non-ticketed Radford Athletics sporting events. Students must provide a valid Radford University Student ID upon entry.

How Do We Know About Games & Student Giveaways?

The best way for everyone to stay informed about upcoming home games and student giveaway opportunities is to follow us on social media or visit our website.

  • Instagram: @radfordathletics
  • Twitter: @ru_athletics
  • Facebook: Radford University Athletics
  • Website:

How Can We Get More Involved With The Athletic Department?

Each year/semester Radford Athletics has multiple opportunities for students to get more involved besides just attending games. These include:

  • Internships (both for school credit and not for credit)
  • Be the Highlander Mascot
  • Join the Red Alert Pep Band
  • Show Your Radford Spirit on the Cheer or Dance Squad

For More Information Contact:


What is Radford University Dining Services? 

We are an innovative group of culinary trained, diverse food service providers on Radford University’s campus. Our purpose is to lead the movement of re-inventing the on-campus dining experience each semester. Our management team is challenging the norm and setting new standards by investing in high-tech, food-infused social spaces. The Radford University Dining spaces are meant to bring people together to promote the development of meaningful relationships and interactions. We are food-forward difference makers . From our top level management to our newest hourly hire, we are a team with one common goal; feeding hungry minds and preparing students for top level success.

What Do We Do? 

Our team and services are a large part of a Radford University Student’s overall collegiate experience. On average a student interacts with a member of our team at least once a day.  Our front line service workers become part of their recognizable community on campus. Our job is to listen to the students, faculty, and staff about their culinary visions and to prepare chef crafted menus based on the overall desires of our campus. 

We also manage, staff, and interact with all of our national brand retail locations around campus. Therefore, we are the largest job provider on campus and can provide a safe job for the students and local community that's within walking distance to their on campus home. 

What Can We Help With? 

1.     Hiring

  • ·As mentioned before we are the largest job provider on campus and have career opportunities of all levels. Our job opportunities range from Front Line Worker, Cashier, Shift Supervisor, to Culinary Lead or Shop Manager in any number of our dining locations, including national brands like Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A
  • Please visit our careers page here

2.     Dietary 

  • For those concerned with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options on campus we are the people to help. We have a registered dietitian on call at all times and can work with the concerned party to ensure that the culinary needs for the individual are meant to highest satisfaction.
  • Traditionally, we host a number of health and wellness focused workshops, culinary events, and tabling’s throughout the semester, as well.  

3.     Safety and Sanitation 

  • The safety and cleanliness of our dining operations has and will always be top priority for our employees. As health regulations change, our facilities will adapt and grow for the highest level of protection for both our associates and customers. 
  • If you ever have a concern or request within our spaces please bring it to the attention of the unit manager or reach out through one of our communication channels, quickest reply through Text2Chat 540-307-4184

4.     How Can We Be Reached 

  • If you ever have questions, concerns, or fun things to share with us we would love to hear them! You can always reach out through our dine on campus feedback page ( or one of the below platforms. 

Follow and connect with us here: 


Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Reasons College Students Should Make Time For Exercise

  • Stimulates brain development
  • Improves memory retention
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Boosts mood and relieves stress

Our Mission

Our mission is to create healthier, happier, and more successful students at Radford University. We do this by offering quality programs, knowledgeable staff, and student development and education that enhance physical and mental performance, provide education and development, and foster long-term healthy lifestyle choices. We also strive to create an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, responsive and inspiring for its participants.

There are so many ways to get active and fell great while at Radford University. Being physically active can help you manage stress, sleep better, learn more, and help combat anxiety, depression, and sickness. We want to help you find out what you enjoy doing to stay active!


For more information, please visit the Student Recreation and Wellness webpage or contact our service desk at 540-831-7164.


We are the public transit system for the City of Radford and Radford University. Students ride FREE with their Radford University ID. When boarding the bus, show the driver the hard copy of your RUID and scan the barcode on the card. If you ever forget or lose your RUID, it costs only $1 to ride.

Radford Transit Operation:

We service all the main Radford University locations and major apartment complexes around the University. We provide service throughout the City of Radford, including many grocery stores, shopping districts, as well as service to Christiansburg and Blacksburg, including the NRV Mall and Virginia Tech.

Hours of service vary depending on the route, but our Full Service Schedule (that is when the University is in session) operates during these times (be sure to check out each route online for their exact timetable):

  • 7:00am-11:00pm Monday through Thursday
  • 7:00am-2:30am Friday
  • 10:00am-2:30am Saturday
  • 5:40pm-11:40pm Sunday

And we have an app!Passio Go,” available on Android or iOS, has a live bus map, route schedules, and an approximate time the bus will arrive at each stop. You can also use this app to text Radford Transit any comments, concerns, or compliments. Search “Radford Passio GO” or click the links above to download.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • "Do you go to Virginia Tech?” Yes! The 40 Route services Virginia Tech beginning at 2:30pm on weekdays, and 10:30am on Saturdays
  • “Does this bus go to Dedmon?” Yes! The 70 Route services the Dedmon Center during the week until 6:50pm when the 10 Route starts and services it until 10:30pm Mon-Thu. The 15 Route also services Dedmon Friday late night, and all day Saturday.
  • “Where’s my bus?” Our app provides up-to-date times with approximate arrivals to any stop. You can also check out our schedules and live map on our website.
  • “Do I or my student need to bring their car?” That’s really a personal decision, but we make it so you do not need to have one while you are in Radford. We service every University-related stop and anywhere you might need to shop while you’re here. We also connect to other area transit systems.
  • “How do I transfer to another route?” Nearly every bus route, except for the 35, 70, and 80 route, services our main transfer station (“The Hub”) which connects you with all our other routes. Lot A and Fairfax Station are other bus stops that can act as a transfer point for most routes.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. This is how we communicate any significant changes to our service, such as upcoming shuttles, delays, and road closures. You can also check out our website at, which has all of the information provided in this document and more. If you have any other questions, please ask our drivers while you’re on the bus, or you can call us at 540-831-5911, and press 1 when prompted.

We’re also hiring! If you’re 19+ and have a clean driving record, you can apply on our website. We provide paid training with flexible hours and a competitive rate of pay, starting at $13.03/hr.


Student Counseling Services (SCS)

are available to all enrolled Radford students.  There are no additional cost to utilize these services as they are included in your student health fee. SCS offers individual (time-limited), group, and couples (both have to be enrolled students) counseling throughout the year. Students will complete a consultation with a member of our clinical staff and are placed in most appropriate form of treatment. We also work directly with students with more significant struggles to refer them out to a community provider that can best meet their needs. SCS works to provide students guidance on how to access community resources, providers, etc. as needed/appropriate. We also offer a program across campus called Let’s Talk that allows students to access informal support as needed from our clinical staff at their convenience throughout the semester.

Lower Level of Tyler Hall


Follow us on social media! @radfordscs


The Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support (SAVES)

office provides programming and conversations throughout the academic year on topics related to substance use/misuse and violence (sexual, dating, etc.). SAVES offers a number of promotional educational events with nationally known guest speakers. Our office provides advocacy support to students as needed, which can include supporting through Title IX processes. We oversee the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) offered for those students in recovery or students interested in supporting those in recovery.

We are also responsible for coordinating the Everfi courses that are required of all incoming freshmen and transfer students by the start of Fall 2020 classes. Students will receive an email through their University account with instructions on how to complete these courses at the beginning of August (students should not attempt to complete these prior to receiving said email).

Lower Level of Tyler Hall


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What is Title IX?

  • Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex. All students and members of the Radford University community are protected from sex-based discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence.

What is the Office of Institutional Equity?

  • The Office of IE provides resources, support, and options relating to issues associated with Institutional Equity, such as:
  • Sexual Misconduct
    (This includes situations in which a person is incapable of giving consent due to drug or alcohol use.)
    • Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence
    • Sexual Exploitation                                            
    • Domestic Violence
    • Dating Violence
    • Stalking
  • Harassment
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Hostile Environment
    • Retaliation
  • Discrimination

All employees of the University, except Confidential Resources, are mandatory reporters.  This means that if they hear or see of any incident that might be related to Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, or Retaliation, they have to share with the Office of Institutional Equity.

Radford University has confidential resources available for students who wish to access support. These resources include licensed counselors at the Student Counseling Services and the Substance Abuse Violence Education Support Services (“SAVES”), and doctors and nurses at the Student Health Center.  

Other resources include:  The Women’s Resource Center, Radford University Police Department, Radford City Police Department, and the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

If someone tells you they have experienced an issue: offer support, listen to their concerns, and encourage them to access available resources.

  • To make a report:
    • Go to, and scroll down until you see the icon “File A Report.” 
    • Email Dr. Andrea Zuschin, Director of Institutional Equity and Title IX Coordinator, at
    • Call us at 540-831-5307.
    • Visit us at 615 Fairfax Street, Radford, VA.
  • If you decide to submit a report, your information will only be shared with those who need to know.