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The Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) serves and supports students, families, and visitors seeking reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are dedicated to the ongoing goal of access and inclusion, so all individuals may fully participate in the university experience.

What makes an individual eligible for accommodations?

  • Students diagnosed with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Individuals with a temporary disability, such as, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and etcetera.
  • Individuals in substance-use recovery.

When to request accommodations?

CAS supports Radford University and RUC students during all academic semesters. Individuals may request accommodations at any time; however, accommodations are not retroactive.

How to register with CAS?

Registration begins the process to determine an individual’s eligibility for reasonable accommodations.

Please read the important registration information found on the following hyperlinked webpage,

Complete the form on the webpage in its entirety, upload any supporting documentation, and select SUBMIT. A CAS Accessibility Coordinator will contact you by phone or Radford email to schedule an interview to discuss reasonable accommodations and create an Access Plan.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to CAS by phone or email.

Where is CAS located?

CAS is located on the third floor of Russell Hall, room 325, of Radford University’s main campus. Website:

Contact us!

The Center for Accessibility Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Check Us Out at McConnell Library!  

McConnell Library and our helpful librarians and staff support student and faculty research, scholarship, and the free and open exploration of ideas. Specific services include library instruction, research help, interlibrary loan, and more. The library has a large collection of books, DVDs, journals, archival materials, and multimedia equipment for academic and recreational use. The library itself is located along Main Street, two buildings down from Muse Hall, but our thousands of electronic resources and our personalized service can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

We have what you need to succeed.

Need help researching your paper or project? “Ask a Librarian” via IM/chat:, or email:

Available Monday-Wednesday 9am-7pm, Thursday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Need to talk with a librarian?  Schedule a Zoom consultation via email:

Need research help after hours? It’s available 24/7 via our FAQ:

Research Skills Guides:

Need books and articles?  You’re in luck. We have over 250,000 print books, over 700,000 e-books, almost 1500 print journals, almost 30,000 e-journals, and over 500 databases! You have 24/7 access to our online resources.

Need books and articles that we DON’T have? We can borrow materials or obtain articles from other libraries across the world – and it’s all free through Interlibrary Loan:

Need a movie? We have thousands of DVDs, including many feature films and popular TV series. Our databases include access to streaming videos, too.

Need AV equipment? We have you covered. Cameras, video cameras, tripods, projectors, screens, and more are available for checkout.

Need a break? How about a prize? We offer a variety of fun events, contests, and more throughout the year – even cash prizes for research!

Need that social connection? Join us on Twitter @mclibru or on Instagram and Facebook

Need to ask questions? Hit us up at or call (540) 831-5364.


The Harvey Knowledge Center (HKC) supports Radford University students in achieving academic success. Using a learner-centered approach, we offer free academic coaching, online resources, and workshops to support your skills and confidence in navigating your coursework. Our services are led by fellow Radford University Students who are excited to partner with you on your learning journey. Our focus is to help you develop and leverage your own strategies for learning that can extend beyond the questions that bring you to our center.

What classes and subjects can the HKC help me with?

All of them! The HKC has Academic Coaches who have taken many of the courses you will take in your freshman and sophomore years. In addition to the most common classes, we have Coaches who specialize in areas like writing support, study strategies, and time management, who can help you improve these skills no matter what course you’re taking.

What is Academic Coaching and why should I need it?

We like to call Academic Coaching TutoringPlus. An Academic Coach is a fellow Radford Student who will meet with you up to twice a week, depending on your needs. They learn about your goals and strengths, and assist you in building the effective habits and skills that will help you succeed in college. Academic Coaches often specialize in an academic subject, and can help you develop subject-specific study strategies, understand key concepts from the class, prepare for exams, and improve general success skills like time management and notetaking.

Do I need an appointment?

We do welcome walk-ins; however, we encourage appointments so that you can make sure to get a spot with the coach you want. We fill up very quickly around exams, and recommend students make their appointments up to a week in advance during peak times. Appointments can be made on Starfish, or by contacting our office.

What if I’m not sure what kind of help I need?

That’s okay! Our skilled office staff are students trained to talk with you and listen to your needs. They will ask questions to learn more about your class experiences or plans, and can recommend a service or even a specific Coach. They can also help you find the assistance that best fits your schedule.

When should I come in?

The earlier, the better! We encourage students to connect with a Coach in the first two weeks of the semester. This gives you a chance to start the semester strong by reviewing the expectations and assignments with a partner, learning strategies for a new or unfamiliar class, and getting a jump start on effective note taking. A Coach can help you understand expectations like attendance, office hours, and how frequently you should be reviewing information from the course.

The Harvey Knowledge Center

McConnell 441 | | 540-831-7704

Taking a class online? Check out for tips and resources! 


Geophysics Field Research – Arctic Geophysics

This is a unique opportunity for those interested in studying factors that affect our planet’s climate, as well as for those who are interested in the challenge of a research experience that’s truly at the edge of this world! We are looking for students who have imagination and creativity – first-time researchers are especially encouraged to apply. No prior experience is necessary; all majors are welcome to apply.

This research experience will be structured around two classes, PHYS 324 and PHYS 325.

  • PHYS 324 – Arctic Geophysics Research Preparatory Seminar, 1 credit hour, Fall 2021, and
  • PHYS 325 – Arctic Geophysics, 4 credit hours, Spring 2022.

Students accepted into this program will conceive of and plan their own arctic research project throughout the fall of 2021 in PHYS 324. Each student (or small group of students) will be closely mentored as they then start to assemble their project. Most of these are based on microcontrollers, and collect data from the numerous environmental and other sensors that may be attached to these.

The 2022 spring PHYS 325 class will meet for 6 weeks at the start of the semester to finish their projects and prepare them for deployment in the field. Then students spend one week in Utqiagvik (ne’ Barrow), Alaska deploying their projects on the polar sea ice. Half of the class will be in Utqiagvik the week before spring break, and half will be there during spring break.

Students will apply to this program starting in the spring of 2021. Acceptances will be approved by the time of the class sign-up period during that semester.

Approximate program costs (in addition to regular tuition):

  • $1,400: Plane ticket to Utqiagvik, Alaska
  • $1,900: Lodging, meals, permits, fees, etc. while in Alaska
  • ·We have a supply of polar clothing that students may borrow for the trip, depending on fit and quantities – parkas, bibs, boots, and gloves.

For more information:


The Office of the Dean of Students responds to the informational and personal concerns of students and their family members.  The office oversees the protection of student rights, and advocates on students’ behalf as they navigate challenging situations. The office plays a major role in promoting and upholding the shared values and ideas of the Radford University community. 

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) administers the absence notification process, the exception to the University withdrawal process (i.e. medical withdrawals) as well as provides guidance and advocacy for students navigating other University processes and policies. The office will work with any student to ensure they have access to eligible resources, support, along with the skills to engage and be successful, both in and outside of the classroom, while members of the Radford University community. Some of the ways the DOS can assist include conflict coaching, policy/process navigation, connecting to resources, role playing conversations, and information gathering, as well as ensuring the rights of the Radford University community members.

If you are unsure where to go, who to talk to, if you are eligible for a service, having a difficult time resolving a conflict…the DOS is the place to go! The Office of the Dean of Students is located in Heth Hall 274 and can be reached by phone at 540-831-6297 or by email at

Web page:

The McGlothlin Center for Global Education and Engagement (MCGEE) offers a variety of program options in countries around the world, including a number of Radford University faculty-led study abroad programs. There are diverse program options to match your personal and academic needs. Spring break, summer, semester, or full-year programs are available!

Not sure how to begin your study abroad experience?

1)     Attend an Info Session – The information session is designed to cover the "big picture" and provide students with general information about the study abroad process. Students will gain an understanding of their program options, how to search for programs, and how to pay for study abroad. A schedule of info sessions will be posted on our website at the beginning of each semester.

2)     Meet with the Education Abroad Coordinator – This one-on-one advising session explores program options and equips the student with the necessary resources to effectively plan their study abroad experience.

3)     Apply! Our office will assist students through all stages of their experiences abroad. The McGlothlin Center for Global Education and Engagement is located in Cook Hall. No appointment is needed.

Don’t want to go alone?

Don’t worry! With many Radford University students going abroad it’s very likely another student will be going. Or sign up with one or more of your friends, even if they’re not Radford University students!

Did you know…?

  • For Radford University exchange programs, students pay Radford University tuition (room and board is extra, just like at Radford University).
  • Depending on the program, students can take their financial aid and scholarships with them.
  • Additional scholarships are available through MCGEE
  • All majors are welcome!
  • Coursework taken abroad counts towards your degree.

How is Radford University handling international travel and covid-19?

               Radford University is actively monitoring the situation in each country and following the guidance of the U.S. State Department, other U.S. government agencies, and local authorities on-site. All experiences abroad, including studying abroad, are subject to modification or cancellation by Radford University.

What services do you offer international students studying at Radford University?

The McGlothlin Center for Global Education and Engagement (MCGEE) is committed to supporting your successful experience at Radford University. Our office will support you with immigration compliance and understanding, international student orientation, social programming and advocacy. The MCGEE is a place for you to call “home,” and we hope you will visit our office often. From programming to immigration workshops, we are here to support you.


Accelerated Research Opportunities – Living Learning Communities (ARO-LLC)

Find out why students are saying that:

“ARO was the perfect way to begin my time at Radford.” –Susannah D.

“ARO was the best opportunity I have been given so far at Radford.” –Corey A.

What is ARO?

ARO is a Living Learning Community designed to over the course of the fall semester introduce you to dozens of potential research projects from fields in every college on campus and build your skills to be successful on your own research or creative activity project during the spring semester. You do not need to have an idea for what you will research or any experience, we take the fall to explore a huge range of possibilities and build the needed skills. We just need passionate, reliable students like yourself!

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be in ARO and I have learned so much. The program helped me gain a lot of confidence and gave me experiences with research that I wouldn't have had otherwise.” –Elise S.

What are the components of ARO?

  • OURS 100 CRN (2 credit hours WF 3:00-3:50) taught by the director of the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship
  • During the class students are exposed to dozens of faculty research programs (last years’ list can be found by clicking here)
  • In the spring you will work with a faculty mentor on a research project and take OURS 200 (1 credit hour) that focuses on presenting your research at the Student Engagement Forum.
  • ARO has been designed to enhance and be compatible with other learning communities, Honors, and first year experiences.
  • The option to live in Peery Hall with other members of ARO, including access to the makers space.

“I thought ARO was just going to be a fast-track to research, but I quickly learned that it's so much more. ARO helped me find where I belong and allowed me to learn more about myself, all while building friendships I will cherish forever.” -Mckenzie H

What are the benefits of ARO?

  • Learn to communicate professionally
  • Can be used toward graduating with a Radford University Research Scholar designation
  • Start college already with a built in professional network
  • Add resume lines that standout
  • Increased GPA and sense of belonging

I’m convinced, how do I join or find out more?

There are two ways to officially join ARO today! One is to go into your housing application and under the Living Learning Communities choose ARO or directly contact Dr. Wirgau ( or