Highlander Family Newsletters

Each month, New Student and Family Programs sends out an e-newsletter in order to stay connected with our extended Highlander family.  One of our main goals of this newsletter is to help you feel more connected to our campus community by providing you with information and insight on our campus resources, events, and much more.  Throughout these next few years, we want to encourage autonomy within our students so they feel prepared to take on the "real world" when they graduate.  However, this doesn't mean we can't lend a helping hand along the way!  Our hope is that Highlander Highlights will help you feel better equipped to support your student during their time here with us at Radford University.   

Please know that we are here for you as an ally and advocate; never hesitate to ask if there is anything we can do to help you or your student.  Should you need anything, feel free to contact Cammie Smith at csgarrella@radford.edu.

In order to sign up to receive this e-newsletter, please visit our Staying Connected page.  Thank you!