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Based on your student's chosen major, they are now a part of one of our six amazing colleges! We also have the Advising Center for Major Exploration to help undecided students find their perfect fit. Below, you can find a special message from and more information about your student's college.


What makes the Artis College of Science and Technology the perfect fit?

The curriculum and faculty members of the Artis College of Science and Technology at Radford University prepare students to become successful professionals in a culturally diverse global economy that is becoming increasingly technical and scientifically advanced. Economic competitiveness and global environmental issues have inspired a renewed emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and innovations in these fields are changing our lives on a daily basis.


What makes the College of Education and Human Development special?

The College of Education and Human Development is an integral part of Radford University's history. While it represents the University’s foundation as a state-supported teacher preparation institution, it also represents the University’s expansion into a coeducational, comprehensive public university distinguished by a large selection of academic programs.

Besides its established programs in elementary, middle and secondary education, the College now includes areas such as athletic training; sport administration; sports medicine; corporate and commercial fitness; health promotion; nutrition and dietetics; recreation, parks and tourism; counselor education; educational leadership; reading, early childhood education and early childhood special education; deaf and hard of hearing education; and high-incidence disabilities. Students in the college are “professionals-in-training” in the helping professions. We attract faculty and students who have a strong commitment to serving others.


What makes the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences outstanding?

Across its many academic programs, the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences strives to promote critical thinking, effective writing, compelling speaking and intellectual exploration from a variety of perspectives. The College is housed in a state-of-the-art facility, but its greatest asset is the dedication of the people who make up the College: nationally recognized faculty, hard-working staff and goal-oriented students, who are all aiming to improve themselves and the world in which they live.


What makes the College of Visual and Performing Arts stand out?

The College of Visual and Performing Arts prides itself on the combination of artistic and academic excellence across all of the arts disciplines.
Instruction combines traditional forms and approaches with the latest in technology applications to best prepare students for the challenges and expectations that await them in their careers as artists, designers, scholars, educators, therapists and arts-related professionals.


What makes the Davis College of Business and Economics a leader?

Davis College of Business and Economics provides an active learning environment that develops responsible business professionals who collaborate to compete successfully in the global economy. Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the College offers students opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs, accountants, investors, managers and marketing professionals from across the country and the globe in a state-of-the-art facility.


Explore the majors Radford University has to offer!

Radford University offers an extensive array of majors tailored to students’ individual talents, interests and passions.

From criminal justice to communication, biology to business administration, dance to design, disciplines are designed to help students meet the growing and evolving workforce. The talented faculty and staff in the University’s six colleges, including helpful mentors in the Advising Center for Major Exploration, work to empower all students to explore, evaluate and choose their academic, career and personal goals.


What makes the Waldron College of Health and Human Services exemplary?

The Waldron College of Health and Human Services is renowned for providing the highest-quality instruction and clinical practice for its students. Challenging students intellectually, the College engages students in collaborative projects and mentoring activities that enrich their lives and enhance their educations.


A message to students from our Academic Advisors

Radford University is student-focused and promotes a sense of caring and of meaningful interaction among all members of the University community. Academic Advising, which takes place in a mutually respectful environment, reinforces this aspect of the Radford University mission through supporting students’ efforts to achieve their academic and career goals and graduate as skilled professionals.

Learn more about Academic Advising through our Orientation to Academic Advising