Mission Statement

Helping Students Find Success

To successfully pursue higher education, new students need support to transition to the university environment and new challenges and responsibilities facing them.  Radford University’s Office of New Student and Family Programs seeks to align our initiative with the university’s strategic plan to build responsive, resilient, and real students.  Our office works to build community with faculty, staff, and upper-class students to create a support network for new students.  Our initiatives and support services promote our goal for all admitted students to be challenged and supported academically, socially, and personally.

Office Goals:

  1. Help students integrate and thrive by creating a sense of community belonging, academic belonging, and social belonging.
  2. Further develop values like excellence, integrity, servant leadership, loyalty, and respect in student leaders.
  3. Inspire students to appreciate other perspectives, especially among peers and faculty members with different identities.
  4. Prepare and teach students to accept personal responsibility for their academic goals and personal actions.
  5. Encourage students to be persistent in their efforts, both inside and outside the classroom.
  6. Help students find their authentic voice as they are learning to navigate the new sense of autonomy that college brings.