Makers Learning Community


What is Makers?

Makers is a residential learning community with special classes, co-curricular activities, close faculty interactions, and access to a makerspace in your residence hall. Makers will experiment, innovate, and create solutions to real-world problems. As Makers you will work closely with a student assistant who was in RU Makers the previous year, and was chosen especially for this mentor position. Makers will also work with a select group of faculty from many academic disciplines who will help refine your skills and support you in your projects.


  • Pre-registration in special Maker-themed required courses for all majors
  • Living community in Peery Hall* with Makerspace
  • Creative Projects & Workshops
  • Access to High-Tech Makerspace
  • Marketable Skills
  • Close Interactions with faculty mentors

How do I qualify?

All freshmen who are interested in making, tinkering, or creating can qualify to participate in Makers learning community. Registration is limited by space availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must commit to living in Peery Hall.

How do I learn more?

Students interested in learning more about Makers should contact Dr. Rhett Herman at Learn more about the Radford University MakeSchool Profile.  

RU Makers working on their first project; Fall 2017
RU Makers working on their first project; Fall 2017
RU Makers working on a design project on specialized computer equipment; Fall 2017