Idea Riser Competition

What is an Idea Riser?


An Idea Riser is a box, stuffed with guidance, resources and access to start up funds ($300!) to help Radford University students develop and take an idea to reality.  Metaphorically speaking, the Idea Riser is an analog to a stage riser.  Whereas a stage riser literally elevates a performer to greater visibility for an audience, the idea riser helps raise an idea to greater visibility for an audience by providing a pathway from concept to reality.

How do I get an Idea Riser box?

  1. Think of an idea!
    It could be something that solves a problem in the world, on campus, or in your room. It could be a rough prototype or a nearly-finished product. Need inspiration? Take a look at one of the United Nation’s Global Problems. From apps to machines to art the limits of your imagination are the only constraint!

  2. Find a sponsor
    Identify a Radford University teaching, research or professional faculty member who supports your idea and is willing to be your Idea Riser sponsor. You will need to include your sponsor’s name when you apply for an Idea Riser. Read Sponsor FAQs.

  3. Apply online
    Complete an online application explaining your idea and why it’s worth pursuing. Applications are open from Wednesday, Nov. 16 to Friday, Dec. 16 at 8 a.m.

Where can I learn more about the Idea Riser?

There are several ways you can learn more and ask your questions about Idea Riser: