Loan Periods and Fines

We offer a variety of materials and formats at McConnell Library. Physical items circulate for specific time periods as listed below. Renewals are available for many materials. However, if you return items late, you are subject to being charged overdue fines or replacement costs.

  • Main collection books and back issues of journals and magazines may be borrowed for 28 days by undergraduates, public patrons, and family members; until the end of the current term* by graduate students and GTFs; and for 6 months* by faculty and staff. Late fines for student and public patrons are 25 cents per day. *Loan periods are subject to being reduced to 28 days, if items are needed by other library patrons
  • Popular Reading books may be borrowed for 28 days by all patrons. Late fines for student and public patrons are 25 cents per day.
  • DVDs and music CDs check out for 7 days. Late fines for student and public patrons are 25 cents per day.
  • Audiovisual equipment may be borrowed by current Radford University students and employees only. They circulate for 7 days and overdue fines for students are $5 per day.
  • Course Reserves circulate on either an hourly or daily basis, depending on the particular item. Late fines for students are 25 cents per hour for hourly checkouts; and $1 per day for daily checkouts.

Additional fines may be charged to any patron if items are damaged beyond normal wear and tear. Replacement charges and processing fees are assessed when items are not returned. We send notification of overdue materials, fines, and bills by email. Library patrons should notify the Front Desk of any changes to email addresses, postal addresses, or phone numbers.

You may view fines from your library account or by contacting the Front Desk at 540-831-5364 or Payment may be made at the Front Desk by cash, check, or RU Express. Credit cards are not accepted. Unpaid charges may result in registration, transcript, and diploma blocks for current and former students, as well as suspension of borrowing privileges. Patrons with unpaid charges are submitted to the Virginia Debt Setoff program, and amounts due will be withheld from state tax refunds or other state sources of income.

Please be aware that Teaching Resources Center loan periods differ from McConnell Library loan periods.