May 18, 2017: IBISWorld

The IBISWorld database is an excellent resource for students who are interested in gathering and analyzing statistics on business industries.

This database includes NAISC and other reports, and gives you a detailed overview of a wide range of industries. You can find information on the main activities and attributes of these industries through explanatory videos, helpful infographics, and definitions of industry jargon and key terms. There are also links to relevant resources for further information in addition to helpful explanations of trends and other changes in the industry.

This is a great resource to use for gathering and analyzing statistics, as well as gaining a better understanding of the characteristics and driving factors of individual business industries.

March 27, 2017: VIVA Cancellation Information for 2017 and 2018

Across the state, universities and other organizations are facing budget shortfalls. This includes our consortium, The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), which helps to provide access to many of our electronic resources. As a result, VIVA will be canceling some subscriptions in 2017 and 2018 and Radford University will lose access to them.

The following will be cancelled in 2017:

1. Annual Reviews (end date July 31, 2017; we will have perpetual access to content from 2000-July 2017)

2. FIAF (end date September 30, 2017)

3. Literature Online (end date July 31, 2017)

4. HighWire: Journal of Applied Physiology (end date December 31, 2017)

5. HighWire: Molecular Biology of the Cell (end date December 31, 2017)

6. Oxford Reference Online (end date December 31, 2017)

7. Springer Computer Science Ebooks (end date December 31, 2017; we will have perpetual access to 2005, 2013-2017)

The following will be cancelled in 2018:

1. Taylor & Francis CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics (end date January 31, 2018)

2. APA PsycBOOKS (end date August 31, 2018; we will have perpetual access to copyright years 2010-2017)

The following resource will be continued but with a change:

1. American Chemical Society Journals (Beginning January 1, 2018, we will have access to Science Essentials only: 5 selected journal titles)

Please contact your library liaison if you have any questions: https://www.radford.edu/content/library/about/collection-development/library-and-faculty-liaisons.html or email Alison Armstrong, Collection Management Librarian, at amarmstro@radford.edu

March 27, 2017: Library Resources: New Arrivals and Popular Reading

Are you wondering what new material the library has added? You can now find a list of new arrivals on our website. The list is updated monthly and has a drop down menu to view by department. You can also view the list by material format.

The New Arrivals list can be found here: https://mozart.radford.edu/newbooks/index.php

Are you looking for some leisure reading? You can also view all of our Popular Reading titles in our Popular Reading list. This list is updated on a monthly basis as well, and can be limited to just fiction titles or just non-fiction titles. The Popular Reading books are located in the Main Reading Room near the library's Front Desk.

The Popular Reading list can be found here: https://mozart.radford.edu/popular_reading/

You can also find both of these links on the Collections dropdown menu on the Library's homepage.

March 15, 2017: Opposing Viewpoints in Context

The Opposing Viewpoints database provides you with a collection of articles, images, audio clips, infographics, and statistics on news and current events from a variety of viewpoints.

You can find a wealth of information from a wide range of sources, including journal and news articles, primary sources, and opinion pieces.

You can browse articles on a comprehensive list of topics including current events. Basic and advanced search features also allow you to easily find content and to filter search results by a variety of custom parameters.

This database is a powerful tool to compare facts and opinions on political issues and current events.

March 15, 2017: Mountain People: Life and Culture in Appalachia

The Mountain People database offers a fascinating look into the daily lives of people living in the Appalachian region between the years of 1700 to 1950 by providing access to scanned images of first-person historic accounts from a variety of perspectives.

This collection covers the history, folklore, and daily life of groups such as Native Americans, emigrants, explorers, and military men.

You can use the database to search for specific topics within the collection or browse the complete list of documents. There are also tools that allow you to easily annotate, save, cite, and search within documents.

This is a great resource for anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of what life was like in the region during this time period. This database also compliments McConnell Library's Appalachian Collection. Find out more about the Appalachian Collection at https://www.radford.edu/content/library/archives/appalachian-collection.html.