July 31, 2015: Database Additions, Changes, and Cancellations

Starting in August the library will experience changes in access to several of our databases. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will lose access to a few databases, and the providers of some databases will change, but we will also gain access to more databases than we are losing. Several of the new databases will offer comparable resources to databases that were unable to be retained.


New from EBSCO starting on 8/1/15:

1. CINAHL Full Text

2. EconLit Full Text -Political Science Complete (Replaces ProQuest’s EconLit)

3. SocIndex with Full Text (Replaces ProQuest’s Sociological Abstracts)

4. Abstracts in Social Gerontology

5. Child Development & Adolescent Studies

6. Family Studies Abstracts

7. National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts (Previously provided by ProQuest)

8. Peace Research Abstracts

9. Public Administration Abstracts

10. Race Relations Abstracts

11. Urban Studies Abstracts

12. Violence & Abuse Abstracts


1. Access to Ovid Total Access LWW Collection expires on 8/31/15; this collection has been replaced with access to the OVID LWW Nursing Full Text Plus Collection.

2. Access to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts will be continued through the EBSCO platform and will stop being provided through ProQuest on 12/31/2015.

Cancellations to take effect on 8/1/2015:

1. EconLit via ProQuest


Cancellations to take effect on 12/31/2015:

1. ASSIA: Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts

2. PILOTS Database

3. Sociological Abstracts

June 15th, 2015: OVID Journals

McConnell Library would like to let you know of an upcoming change to the OVID journals available to Radford University. The current subscription has been provided to the university through a VIVA consortium contract. The VIVA current contract for the OVID LWW Total Access Collection subscription will end on 8/31/15.

Unfortunately, Total Access is no longer an affordable option. After 8/31/15, McConnell Library will benefit from VIVA’s new contract and will be able to subscribe to the OVID LWW Nursing Full Text Plus Collection. After an analysis of the different collection options offered by OVID, it was determined that the OVID LWW Nursing Full Text Plus Collection contained many of the journals that had high use by the Radford University community. Additionally, the McConnell Library will subscribe to the Journal of Nursing Administration and Home Healthcare Nurse.

Links to the two collections are below, so you may compare the previous collection to the new collection. Faculty: if you would like to request for Radford University to subscribe to additional journals, please let your library liaison know of your interest by September 1st, 2015, so these journals may be voted on by the Collection Development Committee in September. Approved titles will be added in January.

If there are articles you need access to outside of our subscriptions, please use Interlibrary Loan.

Previous OVID LWW Total Access Collection:


New OVID LWW Nursing Full Text Plus Collection:


If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please contact Alison Armstrong, Collection Management Librarian, amarmstro@radford.edu.