Special Collections Finding Aids

Arthur J. Goldberg Manuscript Collection - Selected public papers, correspondence, and speeches of Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, as well as news clippings and photographs. Includes the manuscript for a memoir and personal materials from Dorothy Goldberg. Arthur Joseph Goldberg (1908-1990) served as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1962-65), U. S. Secretary of Labor (1961-62), U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations(1965-68), and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Radford University (1987-89).

Blanche Daniel Postcard and Manuscript Collection - Blanche Daniel was a Radford graduate who later became a member of the Radford faculty and administration. She was Director of the McGuffey Training School from 1930-1962, and also served as Assistant Dean of Women. This collection contains her personal collection of over 400 postcards dating approximately 1940-1975, diaries she kept while attending Columbia University, newspaper clippings documenting Radford city history and wedding announcements, and correspondence and documents related to the Belle Heth School reunion in 1933.

Boehm Collection Documents and Materials - Boehm porcelain birds are world famous for their beauty and quality craftsmanship. The Marjorie Pearson Glenn Collection of Boehm Porcelain Sculptures is housed in McConnell Library’s “Bird Room,” located adjacent to the Reading Room. The history of Boehm porcelain and important events in the company’s past are documented through official company mailings, press releases, magazine and newspaper articles, journals, as well as other miscellaneous write-ups. This collection contains a number brochures and catalogs with pictures and writings on the figurines created by E. M. Boehm, Inc. In addition to general information on Boehm porcelain, this collection also contains documents related to the Radford University Foundation’s receipt and appraisal of the donated collection.

Carl Hiram McConnell Collection - Carl Hiram McConnell was the third child of John Preston and Clara Lucas McConnell.  He was an educator and researcher and both taught and studied in several places around the world.  He served in the military 1917-19 and suffered a facial injury that would plague him for the rest of his life.  This collection includes teaching materials, articles written by him, photographs, genealogical information, and correspondence mostly written by his father John Preston McConnell.

Charles Baumer Swaney Collection - Charles Baumer Swaney (1888-1952) was a professor of history at State Teachers College (now known as Radford University) from 1928-1951.  In 1926 he published the book: Episcopal Methodism and Slavery, with Sidelights on Ecclesiastical Politics, and at some point during his time at Radford, he wrote The Development of Transportation and Communication in the United States.  This collection consists of the manuscript of the latter book.

Civil War Confederate Quartermaster Collection - Contains two quartermaster receipts and two requisition forms issued by the Confederate Army in 1864 and involving M. B. Tate. Also includes a statement about the death of a CSA horse and two letters to Mr. Tate written after the war.

Clarity James Collection - After performing all over the world in a stage career that included working with, among others, the New York City Opera, Leonard Bernstein, Gian Carlo Menotti, and the Vienna State Opera, Clarity James joined the Radford University Music Department.  While here, she was Director of Vocal Studies and the Opera Workshop.  Ms. James was at Radford University from 1990-2013 (retired as Professor Emeritus). This collection contains reel-to-reel recordings of Ms. James and a small selection of her personal scores.

Donald Erb Collection - Contains scores and program notes from the American composer Donald Erb.

Ed Jervey Collection - Dr. Edward Jervey was, among other things, a Professor of History at Radford College from 1961-1991. He was involved in a 1972 lawsuit Jervey v. Martin which concerned Radford College President Charles K. Martin’s response to Jervey writing a “Letter to the Editor” to Redbook Magazine in response to an article published in February 1968 titled "Why I Believe in Sex Before Marriage" by Suzanne Milas. The Dr. Ed Jervey Collection contains court transcripts of the case Jervey v. Martin, and examples of Dr. Jervey’s research on LaRoy Sunderland, a controversial Methodist preacher. Digital access to collection

James A. Organ Collection - This collection consists of original field notes, compilations of field notes, scholarly papers written by Dr. James Organ, professional correspondence, teaching materials from his time at City University of New York and the Mountain Lake Biological Research Station in Pembroke, VA, color slides, etc.

Jerry McGlown Collection - Jerry McGlown was a play write and director who taught at various colleges in the Southeast.  As part of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Visiting Professor Program, he taught theatre at Radford University for a short time.  This collection contains 13 of McGlown’s original plays, and one interview.

Logbook of the whaling ship William Wirt - The William Wirt, a whaling ship from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, was mentioned in the works of Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick. This collection contains a logbook dating from the 1850’s that provides details of the William Wirt’s activities during its voyage as well as the voyage of a second whaling ship, the Anadie. In addition to nautical accounts, the logbook also contains diary entries that document daily life and work conditions of ship men during the period from 1858-1893. Rounding out the collection is a letter of sale from J. F. Connelly, a New England dealer, to Clarence P. Smith of Radford, describing the acquisition of the logbook in 1944.

Lucien Doyle Adams Collection - Lucien Doyle Adams was born in Radford, Virginia and served in World War 2 in the 5th Engineer Special Brigade, and later served as the Superintendent of Richmond City Schools.  This collection contains items related to his military service including several recently de-classified documents and field orders, and also contains items related to his years in the Richmond City School system.

McGuffey Training School Collection - This collection is mostly made up of photographs from 1947-48, Class Photos from 1953, and a small amount of information from the 1979 McGuffey School Reunion.

Physical Artifacts Collection - This eclectic collection is made up of both found and donated items and includes personal clothing worn by students, advertising and fundraising objects, and items reflecting the social lives of students at Radford State Normal School, Radford State Teachers College, Radford College, and now Radford University.

Police Forum Archives - Archives of the Police Section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Includes online access to Vols 1-14 of Police Forum. These materials have been digitized.

Saul Simon Collection - Saul Simon was a local Radford, VA businessman, community leader, and humanitarian who was known to help people with advice and money as needed.   This collection contains newspaper articles about the life of Saul Simon, photographs (largely unidentified), and a metal plaque presumably referring to his rank in the Masonic Organization.

St. Albans and Regional Hospitals Collection - Newspaper clippings, pamphlets, newsletters, annual reports, and articles about St. Albans Psychiatric Hospital, Radford Community Hospital, and other regional hospitals, mostly dating from the 1970s.

Virginia Anti-Saloon League Collection - John Preston McConnell, the first president of Radford University, served as president of the Virginia Anti-Saloon League from 1922-30. This league supported the prohibition of alcohol and was active on both the state and national levels. The Virginia Anti-Saloon League Collection contains letters of correspondence between John Preston McConnell and leaders of the Virginia Anti-Saloon League, local and national leaders of Prohibition, politicians, ministers, and average citizens. The collection also contains publications from the Virginia Anti-Saloon League and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Virginia among other regional and national group publications. In addition to correspondence and official publications, the collection includes books, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, a songbook, and various other ephemera related to Prohibition and the activities of the Virginia Anti-Saloon League.

Virginia Desegregation Collection - This collection is mostly made up of newspaper clippings concerning early efforts toward desegregation (or integration) in Virginia schools.  The collection covers the time period 1952-1972 but most of the newspaper articles range from 1952-1957.

Virginia Education Clipping Files - Newspaper clippings, pamphlets, state and local education reports, studies, programs, documents, and articles related to local and state education, c.1920s-1980s.

Virginia Prisons and Prisoner Publications Collection - Contains publications about the Virginia prison system and copies of The Citizen, a magazine written by prisoners at the State Industrial Farm for Women (1960-1966)

Virginia Society for the Study of Education Collection - Formation of the Virginia Society for the Study of Education was a response to a call from Dr. J.P. McConnell for some sort of organization to form that would guide the educational work of the state.  This collection is mostly made up of the Secretary’s Book, and various communiques from the committee and includes by-laws, member lists, and communications with other agencies.

Woman's Club of Radford Records - The Woman’s Club of Radford Records contain handwritten minutes from the regular club meetings, the Executive Board minutes, scrapbooks consisting of newspaper clippings and handwritten notes, club produced yearbooks, and club rosters.  Also included are a limited amount of correspondence to the club.