Strategic Plan


The mission of Radford University Libraries is to build strong relationships and advance learning with all members of the Radford University community. We will enhance services, collections, and spaces to invite and inspire learning, intellectual and artistic creativity, and the free and open exploration of ideas. We will foster collections, services, and programs that are reflective of a diversity of lived experiences.


We aspire to be our community’s chosen destination for research, scholarship, and exploration of ideas.

Goals, 2018-2023:

1. Relationships: Strengthen and build relationships with the RU community.

  • Promote user-centered library policies and procedures
  • Pursue opportunities to engage with our community
  • Host workshops and events that foster partnerships

    University Goals Met: Academic Excellence and Research, Student Success, Economic Development and Community Partnerships

2. Services: Improve services to support research, teaching, learning, and scholarly communication.

  • Develop and improve the online presence of the Library
  • Assess services through various methods and act on data
  • Promote awareness of services including, but  not limited to research services, information literacy instruction, ILL, document delivery, reserves, adaptive technology support, AV equipment borrowing, and institutional repositories.

    University Goals Met: Academic Excellence and Research, Student Success, Economic Development and Community Partnerships. 

3. Collections: Improve and promote access to library collections.

  • Expand efforts to market current collections
  • Employ current trends and standards to identify, collect, protect, and make available new knowledge, and archive past knowledge. 

   University Goals Met: Academic Excellence and Research, Student Success, Brand Identity

4. Spaces: Provide optimal facilities to support the evolving needs of patrons and employees.

  • Explore ways to increase universal accessibility
  • Repurpose space to provide more single and group study spaces
  • Transform Information Literacy Center B into a flexible active learning space to promote pedagogical best practices.
  • Improve signage

    University Goals Met: Student Success, Academic Excellence and Research, Brand Identity

5. Workplace culture: Expand ways to be a respectful and supportive employer.

  • Improve “on-boarding” procedures for new hires
  • Provide staff with focused professional development opportunities and funding
  • Support departmental and committee team-building activities

    University Goals Met:  Brand Identity, Student Success