Library Policies

Inclement Weather Policy

McConnell Library will follow the Radford University inclement weather hours of opening and closing. In the event of inclement weather on nights and weekends when no classes are scheduled, the Dean of the Library may decide to close McConnell Library.

Posting Policy

McConnell Library is a hub for information. We encourage Radford University organizations and individuals to utilize the library’s bulletin boards to advertise events and services, following these guidelines:

  • Flyers may be posted on any of our four public bulletin boards. They are located in the lobby by the front door; in the hall near the Front Desk on Level 3; outside of Information Literacy Center B on Level 3; and in the older section near the elevator on Level 2.
  • No formal approval or stamping is required to post flyers on the bulletin boards.
  • Approved flyers will be cleared from bulletin boards every Wednesday unless they are advertising events on specific dates or have specific deadlines.
  • Advertisements for commercial or non-charitable enterprises cannot be posted.
  • Materials such as table tents, pamphlets, handouts, giveaways, etc. may not be distributed or displayed anywhere in the library. All unauthorized materials will be discarded.

Confidentiality of Library Records Policy

John Preston McConnell Library of Radford University supports and complies with Virginia law, Code of VA § 2.2-3705(A)(3) and (10) and § 2.2-3806(A)(2) and (3), which addresses the confidentiality of library records and governs the public access rights to library records. All library records and other information relating to an individual’s use of the library and its resources are considered confidential. These records include, but are not limited to, circulation records of library materials, address and other registration information, reference or informational questions asked, interlibrary loan transactions, and computer database searches. This information may be consulted and used by library staff in the course of carrying out library operations. Access to this information will be restricted to authorized personnel within the Library and University for authorized reasons, as determined by the Dean of the Library. McConnell Library will release an individual’s library information only to that individual, to another individual with the prior written consent of the individual concerned or under a duly authorized judicial process. The individual requesting the information must provide proof of identity. The only exception to this policy is that McConnell Library will reveal the amount, but not the nature, of a person’s library debt to another person who has expressed immediate intent to pay that specific debt.

Animal Policy

Service animals are welcome at McConnell Library under the parameters set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Certified therapy animals are occasionally featured during library programs.

We love pets, but unfortunately, non-service or non-therapy animals are not allowed in public areas of the library.

Theft or Mutilation of Library Materials

Theft or mutilation of library materials is a violation of state law which will be taken before the University Judicial Board and/or referred to the Radford University Police Department.