Departmental iPad Purchase

The Division of Information Technology works closely with Apple and RU's Procurement & Contracts Office to obtain the appropriate configuration and simplify the ordering process for iPads.  The steps to purchase a University-owned iPad include the following:

Step 1:  The department completes an iPad Justification & Quote Request and submits the form to Academic Technologies.

Step 2:  Academic Technologies obtains a quote for specified iPad quantities and accessories and forwards the quote to the department contact identified on the Justification form.

Step 3:  The requesting department enters a purchase requisition into eVA and attaches the quote and completed iPad Justification/Quote form to the PR.  The following information should be included on the PR:

  1. Supplier:  Apple Inc. Austin, TX
  2. Contract No. and iPad Part No.: Enter state contract #VA-150605-APPL and iPad part number as provided on the quote.
  3. Item Description:  Enter the item description as provided on the quote and include the following engraving statement:  Engrave on two lines "Property of" "Radford University"

Step 4:  Once the iPad arrives at the RU Campus Warehouse:

  1. Fixed Assets attaches a Radford University property tag
  2. The iPad is delivered to Academic Technologies
  3. Academic Technologies contacts the department to arrange iPad distribution and training.


  • Cellular Connectivity. The standard iPad connectivity is Wi-Fi (similar to a laptop).  The optional cellular (4G) chipset is available and must be specified as either AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon.  This data plan may not be purchased from University E&G and Auxiliary budgets.  Individuals who purchase the data plan using personal funds may not request reimbursement from the University.
  • iOS apps.  Due to Apple legal and the Virginia state purchasing guidelines, Radford University is unable to purchase "apps" from E&G and Auxiliary budgets.  Individuals who purchase apps using personal funds may not request reimbursement from the University; however, Radford University will continue to work with Apple to resolve these obstacles and provide a mechanism for the university to purchase apps in the future.
  • Standard warranty is 1-year for hardware failures.  The iPad is a consumer device with expected life span of approximately 18-36 months.  AppleCare only extends this warranty to 2-years.  This warranty does not cover accidental damage of screen damage or spilling liquid on the device, thus $99 AppleCare is not recommended.  Departments are responsible if any hardware failure costs are incurred.