Online Proctoring Tools

Respondus Monitor: 

Respondus Monitor enhances LockDown Browser by using a student’s webcam to record the assessment session. This enables online exams to be taken in non-proctored environments and deters students from accessing other resources during an exam (such as a phone, a second computer, etc.). It also ensures the right student is taking the exam, and that the student isn’t getting help from others.  

How to Use It: 




To enable Respondus Monitor for a quiz:

1)   Click the "Quizzes" menu option from within your course.

2)  Click the "Lockdown Browser" link

3)  Check the "Require Respondus Lockdown" option (NOTE - You may want to uncheck "Require LockDown Browser to view Feedback & Results")

4)  Select "Require Respondus Monitor for this exam"

The Quick Start Guide has screenshots and more details for setting up the exams using Respondus Monitor.     

Best Practices for Faculty: 

1. Require Practice Exam and have students check the following: 

 - Latest version of software is installed:  click on the "i" > Check for New Version  

-  System checks are complete: click on the "Help Center" > Run System Check  Respondus Monitor Help Cente

2.  Include this official wording in your Syllabus.     

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Best Practices for Students:

Below is a listing of events that may flag the video when you are taking the test as potential misconduct.    Please read below and try to avoid:

  • Missing from Frame — the student could not be detected in the video frame for a period of time
  • Different person in Frame — a different person from whom started the exam may have been detected in the video frame for a period of time
  • Multiple persons in Frame — multiple faces are detected in the video for a period of time
  • An Internet interruption occurred — a video interruption occurred as a result of an internet failure
  • Video frame rate lowered due to quality of internet connection — if a poor upload speed is detected with the internet connection, the frame rate is automatically lowered for the webcam video
  • Student exited LockDown Browser early — the student used a manual process to terminate the exam session early; the reason provided by the student is shown
  • A webcam was disconnected — the web camera was disconnected from the computing device during the exam
  • A webcam was connected — a web camera was connected to the computing device during the exam
  • An attempt was made to switch to another screen or application — indicates an application-switching swipe or keystroke combination was attempted
  • Video session terminated early — indicates the video session terminated unexpectedly, and that it didn't automatically reconnect before the exam was completed by the student