Printing Services on Campus

Printing Locations

Visit our Departmental and General Purpose Labs webpage to find the location of the labs. Department lab hours are limited because many are reserved for classes and department use only. In addition to these lab printers, you can also print at the McConnell Library. Any cover sheets that are printed with your print job (in Walker lab) are not included in your charges.

Mobile Printing Kiosks

Mobile Printing Station solutions are available on the first floor of Young Hall, and in the Hulbert Student Center. The Mobile Printing Station solution provides a cloud service that allows users to print securely from any mobile device or laptop/desktop to these printers by utilizing email or web upload.

In addition, users can simply walk up to printing devices and print directly from a USB drive and other cloud solution such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Office 365.

To take advantage of this great opportunity you will need to:

  1. Email your document to
  2. Once the email is received, you will receive a six-digit code.
  3. Go to the print kiosk in Young or Hulbert (be sure to bring your RU Express card).
  4. Walk up to the Mobile Printing Station and follow the on-screen directions to pick up the document.

NOTE: Your document isn't released until you insert your RU Express card.
The regular price for printing is in effect at these printing kiosks.

Cost Of Printing

All current Radford University faculty/staff and students are given a $5.00 printing allocation at the beginning of each FALL semester. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to use their departmental printers for the majority of their printing needs. 

The cost for printing is as follows:


Duplex (per side) Non-Duplex (per side)

Black and White







Printing Balance

Faculty/Staff and students can find their printer balance by logging into MyRU > Finances > Printing: Available Amount: > Detailed Printing Information. Note: if you click on the "Statement" link you can see a detailed report of what you have printing in the last 30 days. After you have used your $5.00 printing allocation you can print directly from your RU Express account in the on-campus computer labs. If you have money on your RU Express, it can be used for printing. You can also add money in $1.00 bill increments at the money kiosks located in the Walker Hall main computer lab and the 3rd floor of the library by the vending machines.

Any of the free printing allocation left over at the academic year will be deleted when the new allocation is added each fall semester.  Any printing money that you added in the Fall 2009, Spring 2010 or Summer 2010 will be carried over while you are at RU, but will not be refunded when you graduate or leave RU.   

Free Printing Transfer

You have the option to transfer any or all your free printing allocation to another Radford University student at any time. To do so you simply need to fill out the Free Printing Transfer form [PDF] and submit to Willie Moses in Walker 268. Both parties will need to be present to show their ID's. 

Users with Macintosh computers may only use their free allocations in the Walker and Communications (located in CHBS) labs.

To print from your RU Express simply click on the drop down window once the print assistant is displayed.   

NOTE: Users that log into the computer using the library generic account can pick their print out up at the front desk of the library.  The same charges apply.  Alumni and Retirees that can't print will need to visit the library front desk to add money to their account as the free allocation doesn't apply.

Use Of University Computers And Printers

The academic computer labs are for academic purposes only. The lab proctors reserve the right to cancel your print jobs.

Some examples may include:

  • Large print jobs that are backing up the print queue.
  • Non-academic materials that are backing up the print queue.
  • Requesting non-standard paper, such as labels, envelopes or heavy bond paper.       
  • Business Cards.         

Scanning and copying is available on the printers, but cannot be printed. Scans and copies must be saved to a USB drive or other storage location. Scanners and copiers here are scanners and copiers are available in McConnell library.

Printing Problems

If your print job was deleted from the print queue before it was sent to the printer, you will not be charged.

If the printer malfunctioned and your printout needs to be resubmitted, you will not be charged.

It is your responsibility to go to the lab proctor in the Walker Technology Center and show them any salvageable parts of your printout. In the library, go to the Reference Desk or the Front Desk.

Business And Departmental Printing

To more efficiently manage campus copy, print, scan and fax needs, Radford University and the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) have partnered with Virginia Business Systems (VBS) to provide multi-function devices. This partnership is based on a Virginia Tech contract and allows Radford University to leverage the copy/print volume of both university communities and keep pricing low.

Departments can replace their existing university-owned or leased equipment with Konica Minolta “Bizhub” machines. The “Bizhub” machines are color, multi-function devices (MFD) with copy, print, scan and fax capabilities. In many offices, these units can be used to replace multiple devices and will provide savings in power consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Other key features on these units are:

  • Scan-to-email capability  
  • Network printing  
  • Duplex copy/print capability  
  • Finisher with stapler  
  • Two or three-hole punch  
  • Copy/print capabilities on up to 140 pound paper  
  • Five paper trays supporting sizes up to 11x18

The program is based on a cost-per-page arrangement, meaning departments only pay for the number of copies or pages each month. The equipment is provided and maintained by VBS at no cost to the department. Departments provide paper and pay for their monthly copy/print volume. This is a more cost-effective model than many current copier lease arrangements where the department's contract for a maximum monthly volume that may or may not be reached.

The program will streamline the billing and invoicing process and eliminate the need for each department to enter separate purchase requests for their unit. Radford University will receive a monthly invoice from VBS and, after verification, a journal entry will be completed by DoIT against departmental budgets for the cost of their prints. Departments will still be responsible for verifying the ‘Printing and Postage (7121)’ budget category has appropriate funding to cover their monthly copy/print volume.

Service, toner and staples for the MFDs will be coordinated through the Technology Assistance Center (831-7500). The DoIT support staff will contact VBS as necessary for service calls and provide an on-site technician within four business hours Monday-Friday.