Departmental Printers/Copying

To more efficiently manage campus copy, print, scan and fax needs, Radford University has partnered with Virginia Business Systems (VBS) to provide multi-function devices. 

The program will allow departments to replace their existing university-owned or leased equipment with Xerox machines. The machines are color, multi-function devices (MFD) with copy, print, scan and fax capabilities. In many offices, these units can be used to replace multiple devices and will provide savings in power consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Other key features on these units are:

  • Scan-to-email capability  
  • Network printing  
  • Duplex copy/print capability  
  • Finisher with stapler  
  • Two or three-hole punch  
  • Copy/print capabilities on up to 140 pound paper  
  • Five paper trays supporting sizes up to 11x18

The program is based on a cost-per-page arrangement, meaning departments only pay for the number of copies or pages each month. There are 6 copier models to choose from and monthly rental for models can range from $28 to $98 a month.     Monochrome prints cost $.01 and color prints costs $.06 per page.   The equipment is provided and maintained by VBS at no cost to the department. Departments provide paper and pay for their monthly copy/print volume. This is a more cost-effective model than many current copier lease arrangements where the department's contract for a maximum monthly volume that may or may not be reached.

The program will streamline the billing and invoicing process and eliminate the need for each department to enter separate purchase requests for their unit. RU will receive a monthly invoice from VBS and, after verification, a journal entry will be completed by DoIT against departmental budgets for the cost of their prints. Departments will still be responsible for verifying the ‘Printing and Postage (7121)’ budget category has appropriate funding to cover their monthly copy/print volume.

Service, toner and staples for the MFDs will be coordinated through the Technology Assistance Center (831-7500.) The DoIT support staff will contact VBS as necessary for service calls and provide an on-site technician within four business hours Monday-Friday.

See details of costs and features on the VBS form.