Internet Service Providers

New River Valley Internet Service Providers

There are several Internet Service Providers (ISP) throughout the New River Valley.  When choosing an ISP, you should review all of the available options and select the package that best suits your specific needs.  Radford University does not recommend a specific vendor, but provides this page as a reference to help you better understand the available options.

Types of Service:

  • Cable- All local Cable TV providers offer high speed access utilizing a “Cable Modem” that attaches to the same cable connection your TV utilizes.  If you already have Cable TV service to your home this is an excellent option for high speed internet connectivity.
  • Dial Up – Dial up service is available to any location with a phone line.  Dial up does tie up your phone so that it cannot be used for incoming or outgoing calls at the same time.  There are many providers that continue to offer dial up service at reasonable rates.  Dial up is much slower than the other options listed on this page and is only recommend for light Internet usage.  Dial up users should also verify they are using a local access number so as not to incur long distance charges.
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) - DSL service is offered by the phone company and utilizes your existing phone line.  Unlike Dial-Up, DSL allows you to utilize your phone and the computer at the same time and does not tie up your phone line.  There are distance limitations for DSL, so it is not available in all areas.  DSL is an excellent option for high speed Internet connectivity if it is available.
  • Mobile Broadband – Mobile broadband typically utilizes cellular technology providing coverage much like your cell phone.  This technology allows you to connect in a variety of locations. Mobile broadband speeds are faster than dial up modems, but not currently as fast as DSL or Cable technologies.    Mobile broadband often requires a card or USB adapter with an antenna.
  • Wireless – Several providers offer 802.11 wireless services.  These services require an externally mounted antenna and line of sight to their nearest antenna.  These services offer speeds comparable to DSL and Cable depending on the provider. 
  • Satellite – Like Satellite TV service, Satellite Internet service is available anywhere you have an unobstructed view of the sky.  Several providers now offer satellite internet service.  Satellite connections introduce a slight delay which may be unacceptable for some applications.  This service is often more expensive and is typically the last resort for areas where other high speed options are unavailable. 
Provider Types of Service
AOL Dial Up
AT & T

Mobile Broadband
Citizens DSL, Dial Up

Cox Cable
EarthLink Dial Up
Hughes Net Satellite
iPlus Dial Up
Net Zero Dial Up
NRV Unwired Wireless
nTelos Mobile Broadband
Shentel Cable
Sprint Mobile Broadband
Suddenlink Cable
Verizon DSL, Mobile Broadband
Wild Blue Satellite
Wiredog Internet Wireless, Dial Up
WVVA Wireless Wireless


This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all service providers in the New River Valley.  If you are an ISP and wish to be added to this list, please send email to