Video Services

Radford University offers 80 live streaming channels and nearly 100 high definition channels through RU Cable Television.  Both line-ups include a variety of sports, entertainment, movies and news channels.

Stream Live TV

Radford University provides 80 live streaming channels through the Stream2 app by Apogee.  Stream2 is only available when you are connected to the Radford Network and is available to all students who live in campus housing. 

You can watch programming with Stream2 on all your devices.

  • Phone: Scan the QR code to connect to eduroam and download the Stream2 App
  • TV: Connect to MyDevices and download the Stream2 App
  • Devices: Click and download the Stream2 App

Cable TV Channels

Traditional Cable TV is only available in Residence Halls.  You’ll have nearly 100 channels in 3 simple steps.

  1. Connect a coax cable from the wall jack to your TV
  2. Use your remote to set the input source to Cable or CATV
  3. Perform a digital channel scan