Project Management

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is committed to the effective and efficient management of the university's technology budget and resources. By utilizing industry best practices in project management, adhering to the Project Management Policy and guiding principles set forth in the university and DoIT strategic plans, IT projects can be completed within scope and budget, and on schedule.

A project is defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken by or on behalf of the university that:

  1. Has a clearly defined beginning and ending date;
  2. Provides tangible and unique technology products or services;
  3. Fulfills a defined business objective to substantially improve business processes to a department or to the university;
  4. Incorporates significant changes to the technology architecture through new or existing systems.

The Project Management Framework, which includes a policy [PDF], standard [PDF], and templates, provides a standard methodology for all projects. Projects are classified based upon cost and complexity, and as such, have varying reporting requirements. Requirements are outlined in the Project Management Documentation Requirements [PDF] document.

To submit a request to start a new technology project, complete the Project Proposal [PDF] and obtain the required approvals. Departments should obtain project approvals prior to solicitation, acquisition or development of technology solutions. Submit the completed proposal to the IT Project Director for classification and review. The IT Project Director will contact the department to outline next steps based upon the classification of the project.