Enterprise Systems

Collaboration Lab

Launch of RUMobile

Enterprise Systems provides systems analysis, design, programming and implementation services to support the Banner ERP system and related components, the Operational Data Store, the MyRU Portal and the university web presence.

Our mission is to:

  • actively partner with our customers to evaluate and recommend business services where additional automation increases efficiencies for system users.
  • plan and implement fully integrated administrative systems.
  • provide university employees access to transactional and historical data for operational and strategic planning purposes.
  • engage the university community to develop and enhance the MyRU portal framework and the university web presence.

Departments within Enterprise Systems include:

  • Applications Development  (systems analysis, design and programming support for the Banner ERP systems)
  • Data Warehouse and Reporting (analysis, design and support for the University’s Operational Data Store and custom Banner reporting requirements)
  • Systems Integration and Web Services (MyRU Portal, website development, application integration)
  • Database Architecture & Administration (system level management of Oracle and MS SQL databases and database integration)