VOIP Information and Instructions

Learn more about Radford University's voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone systems.

Frequently asked questions about VoIP

Why are we changing phone systems?

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony system is an effort to improve the technology services available at Radford University. The VoIP system transmits data, voice and video over a single network infrastructure, allowing the University Community to benefit from state-of-the-art telephone sets, quicker network connections, streamlined services, and other enhanced features. The implementation of VoIP's innovative technology will result in an advanced communications infrastructure for RU, as well as position RU for future services and enhancements such as toll-bypass and unified messaging.

What is the voice mail number?

The number to use to check your Voice Mail from off-campus will continue to be 831-7750; on-campus access will be 7750 or press the messages button on your Cisco phone. Directions for Voice Mail are at http://www.radford.edu/~networks/voip/voicemail.htm

Is calling Roanoke any different?

Yes, you will need to dial 7755 to access Roanoke instead of #8. WAIT FOR SECOND DIAL TONE!!!

Is calling Long distance any different?


Do we still need to use the pause key with the fax machine?

Yes. To fax:  Dial 9 1 999 123 12345 Pause 1234567

Transfer a caller directly to another user’s voicemail

  • Press transfer
  • Press Messages key or dial 7750
  • It will ask for your password but DO NOT put it in
  • Press #
  • Put in extension
  • Press #
  • Immediately press transfer again

Who do we call for moves, adds, changes or repairs?

You will need to call Telephone Services at 6600.

Where can I find an online tutorial about the Cisco phone?

The Cisco phone tutorial can be found online.