Staff Directory

Technology Support


*All telephone numbers begin with the area code 540, unless otherwise noted.

Office of the Vice President & CIO, Box 7017

Kemp, Danny, Vice President & CIO 831-7167
Oakes, Ed, Associate Vice President 831-7515
Bowman, Wendy, Budget Manager 831-7532
Davis, RJ, Infrastruture Operations 831-5057
Fowler-Hughes, Mary, IDM Tech Support/Access Manager 831-6050
McDonald, Randa, Director, Identity Services and IT Audit Compliance
Rahmes, Denise, Director, Project Management 831-7607
Ratcliffe, Sharon, Executive Assistant 831-7167
Travis, Andrew, Chief Information Security Officer 831-6837
Thomas, Matthew, Information Security Engineer 831-7192

Radford University Carilion (RUC)

Vest, Margie, Assistant Vice President 224-6672
Deel, David, Technology Support Technician 985-8106
Halpin, David, Instructional Designer/Technical Trainer 224-4518
Parrish, Tyler, Technology Support Technician 224-6668
Rowe, David, IT Technician Roanoke Higher Education Center 767-6195

Electronic Engineering & Communication Services, Box 7004

Shull, Scott, Director  831-7513
Benfield, Jon, WVRU Broadcast Operations Manager 831-5894
Claud, Ashlee, Manager, Radio/TV & Communication Services 831-5017
Hall, Don, Manager, Voice & Video Technologies 831-7503
Jennings, Jeremy, Humanities Building IT Support Technician 831-6143
Jordan, Robert, Multimedia Classroom Technician 831-7507
Mills, Matthew, Multimedia Classroom Technician  
Schronce, Sandy, Administrative Assistant 831-5173
Tolley, Lee, AV Systems & Electronics Technician 831-7180
Williams, Josh, Senior Classroom Technician 831-7510
Williams, Reggie, Manager, Electronic Services 831-7512

Enterprise Systems, Box 6888

Blackwell, Lisa, Director     831-6835
Bowyer, Ethan, Applications Analyst     831-6235
Chaudhary, Tulika, Applications Analyst     831-5069
Duncan, Don, Lead Applications Analyst     831-6760
Gibson, Victor, Associate Director     831-5069
Hayner, Shaun, Applications Analyst     831-5064
Kabath, Jay, Project Leader and Senior Analyst     831-5068
Mann, Chip, Assoc Director for Integration, Reporting & Analytics     831-7143
Marcus, Amy, Lead Applications Analyst     831-6430
Mathew, Nishy, Lead Reporting Analyst     831-2571
Rojewski, Ron, Database Administrator     831-5060
Sparks, Naomi, Reporting Analyst     831-6199
Storey, Robert, Applications Analyst     831-6839
Wayman, Matt, Associate Database Administrator     831-7730
Weeks, Aaron, Database Administrator     831-7715
Zenon, Malik, Applications Analyst     831-7135

Network Services, Box 6888

Joyce, Todd, Manager 831-7777
Burke, Jim, Telecommunications Engineer 831-7776
Jackson, Ted, Senior Network Technician 831-7778
Lindsey, David, Auxiliary Services Technician Team Lead 831-7779
Lyons, Roy, Installation/Repair Technician 831-7500
Schetselaar, Daniel, Door Access and Alarms Technician 831-7209
Shelor, Chris, Micro Systems Specialist 831-7728
Wirt, William, Telecom Systems Engineer 831-7771

Printing Services, Box 6884

Coalson, Danny, Manager 831-5047
Bishop, Floyd, Offset Press Operator 831-5046
Mayer, Jonathan, Assistant Manager 831-5046
Turner, Carolyn, Copy Center Operator 831-6267
Wimmer, Josh, Graphic Production Technician 831-6267

Systems Admin & Services

Bailey, David, Manager 831-6507
Butcher, David, Lead Systems Administrator 831-5086
Buskill, Bruce, Lead System Administrator 831-6823
Dalton, John, System/Applications Administrator 831-7504
Deal, Dexter, Senior System Administrator 831-7516
Holland, Doug, Senior Desktop Platforms Engineer 831-7508
Gardner, Matthew, Systems Administrator 831-5991
Kantsios, William, Lead System Administrator 831-7518
Spencer, Eddie, System Administrator 831-7664
Underwood, Bob, Desktop Applications Administrator 831-7505
White, Willie, Desktop Applications Administrator 831-7630

Technology Support Services, Box 6997

McDaniel, Lisa, Director 831-7519
Bevins, Jayson, Help Desk Manager 831-7500
Bowman, Roger, Technology Support Technician 831-7500
Chapman, Joe, Help Desk Technician 831-7199
Collins, Jason, Computer Support Specialist 831-5870
Compton, Chris, Help Desk Technician 831-7500
Cook, Simon, Call Center 831-6854
Daughtery, Mary, Information Technology Trainer 831-7502
Griffith, Angela, Test Scan & Assistant Lab Manager 831-7522
Gwaltney, Christopher, Technology Support Technician 831-7500
Hicks, Carolyn, Administrative Assistant 831-7521
Hurst, Judy, Academic Tech Specialist 831-7019
Kennedy, Alex, Computer Operations Technician 831-6753
LaLonde, Ben, Help Desk Technician 831-7631
Leathers, Connie, IT Support Specialist & Trainer 831-7136
Mitchell, Kelvin, Technical Support Specialist 831-7148
Moses, Willie, Campus Computer Lab Manager 831-7148
Smith, Patrick, Young Hall Support Technician 831-7500
Swistock, Nathaniel, Tehnical Support Engineer 831-7526

Web and Mobile Technology, Box 6888

McNabb, Jackie, Director 831-7536
Mengistu, Ashenafi, Web Services Developer 831-5954
McKay, Daniel, Web Developer/Analyst 831-2410
Taylor, Steven, Mgr Web Services 831-7193