2016 Working Group

2016-17 Academic Affairs Internal Governance Review Working Group

In the Fall of 2016, Provost Joseph Scartelli created a working group to review internal governance. The mission of the group is to provide recommendations and rationales for updating the current internal governance structure and reporting mechanisms.

The members of the working group are:

Dr. Kim Gainer, Professor of English, Interim Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and Behavioral Science and Faculty Senate Secretary
Dr. Katherine Clouse Hilden, Associate Professor, School of Teacher Education & Leadership, and Chair of the Faculty Senate Governance Committee
Dr. George Santopietro, Professor of Economics, Assistant Provost for Academic Operations

The goals of the working group are:

1. Review the current Internal Governance document, dated 2003-04 and recommend updates and revisions to the committee structure and committee membership

Develop a template for each committee that includes:

• Charge for the committee
• Membership with terms
• Selection process
• Convener

Request feedback from existing committees regarding their current membership and charge using the template

Recommend a classification scheme for committees that reflects their purpose

Reduce the number of appointments made by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to IG committees, currently 73

Update the membership of committees to reflect current organizational structures

Clarify the appointing authority for remaining committee members

Define the terms for non-permanent members of committees

Identify a convener for each committee

2. Draft an approval process document to include in the IG document that defines the processes for review and approval of changes in curriculum

Identify and categorize the types of changes in curriculum requiring approval

Clarify the role of each constituency in the review, comment and approval process

Delineate a procedure for managing the flow of proposals for change in curriculum through the approval process

3. Collaborate with the various constituencies in Academic Affairs and other divisions to finalize the IG document and include all senate constitutions

4. Update the current IG website to include the IG document, current IG committee memberships, other current advisory and ad hoc committee memberships, minutes and annual reports of IG committees