Reporting Forms

Find the appropriate form using the links below.

Title IX

Online reporting for sexual harassment, including sexual assault/violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Online Title IX Report Form for Victims/Survivors:

  • This is a non-confidential online report for students, faculty, staff, contractors, and visitors. The information provided will not be disseminated to the public unless required by the law.

Online Mandatory Reporting Form for Title IX Incident Reports from Employees:

  • This is a non-confidential incident report for employees, including student employees. All Radford University employees in receipt of a complaint or report must report it without delay. The information will not be disseminated to the public unless required by law.

Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment

To file a complaint of discrimination or harassment based on any legally-protected class, please complete the form found at the link below. 

SAVES Anonymous Reporting Form

This form is to report a sexual misconduct to the Radford University Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support (SAVES) Office. Reporting sexual misconducts assists with the completion of statistical records for assaults that occur to Radford University students, on- and off-campus. Filing this form will not result in an investigation, but is intended to convey needed information to assist the university in addressing the issues of sexual assault. Information contained on the form will remain confidential and will only be used in non-identifying ways.

Radford University Police Anonymous Reporting Form

This form is to report a crime to the Radford University Police. All information is anonymous and will be kept confidential.

Dean of Students Behavior of Concern Reporting Form

The purpose of this reporting system is to create a means for inappropriate, disruptive, or threatening behavior to be brought to the attention of the Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT). When information is received via this website, it is reviewed and if appropriate, forwarded to the BCT. This team reviews submitted information to develop an appropriate response.

External Agency Reporting

Office of Civil Rights
District of Columbia Office
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-1475

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Richmond Local Office
830 East Main Street, Suite 600
Richmond, VA 23219

Office of Equal Employment Services
Department of Human Resource Management
101 North 14th Street, 12th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219