Sexual Assault Prevention and Information

It's Time to Talk About It

Talk early, talk often. Prevent sexual violence.

Is it sexual assault? Is it rape?

  • Is or was it unwanted sexual contact?
  • Did you comply for fear of escalating the violence?
  • Was it sex through physical or mental intimidation, coercion, surprise, force, threat, incapacitation by drugs or alcohol or emotional manipulation?

Is it dating/domestic violence?

  • Does your partner make jokes about you, insult, humiliate or otherwise disrespect you; threaten or assault you physically; try to control your every move or action?
  • Do you feel emotionally manipulated by your partner's low self-esteem, depression or self-destructive behavior?
  • Do you feel isolated by your relationship interactions? 

Is it stalking?

  • Are you receiving phone call with threats of harm, repeated threatening text messages or direct messages through social media?
  • Is someone watching your every move, following you, entering your home, or altering your online accounts?
  • Are they repeatedly contacting you with threats after you told them to leave you alone?

You Can Do Something to Support a Survivor!

  • Believe them.
  • Listen.
  • Empower survivors by letting them make decisions about how they want to move forward.
  • Educate yourself and others on different resources both on and off campus.