Academic Program Review

As part of the internal governance process, Radford University has adopted a systematic process of sequentially reviewing academic programs every five years. The oversight for implementing the five-year academic program review centrally lies with the Academic Program Review Committee, consisting of all Academic Deans, a teaching Faculty (representative) from each college, Institutional Research Director, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Improvement, and the Faculty Senate President.  Academic Program Review conducted every five years includes information collected over the course of the past five Annual Academic Program Reports.  However, the fifth-year report is more reflective and analytical by examining the programs’ trend data and strategically projecting the development of the programs under review to the future.  This comprehensive review is intended to determine the overall health, viability, and curricular integrity of the program, as well as reflecting upon assessment findings and the programmatic improvements made as a result of assessment.

Radford University began the current 5-year program review cycle in academic year 2019-2020, which will be completed in academic year 2023-2024.